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Advertising on OurLIC

All information relating to OurLIC NEWS, OurLIC GUIDE, and other programs is available at OurLIC RATES

To advertise, participate in the OurLIC coupon program, request services, or collaborate, please use the OurLIC Optin or contact us at 1-888-462-4994.

Advertising can appear in Guides, Networking, and other sections of OurLIC. To begin advertising, we suggest that you start by signing up in the Guides Section, then create a Profile of your business. If we have already added your listing, please signup, and we will connect your username to the the existing listing so that you are able to create a full profile.

We accept Banner Ads for priority postions and in rotating positions. Ad Graphic sizes are typically 728x90, 468x60, 120x600 Vertical Column Ads, 125x125, and 250x250 displays.

Sample Size 728x90

Sample Size 468x60

Sample Size 250x250

Sample Size 125x125

Sample Size 120x600 Vertical Column

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We invite you to submit your events to OurLIC Calendar. To submit, please contact us at 1-888-462-4994.

You can also submit your events to OurLIC's Event calendar at Your Space on OurLIC for Events

Classified advertising can be placed by participants in OurLIC Networking at no charge. Click here to view the classified categories Ads

Real Estate Agents and Owners can join our Guides section and place Profiles for each property. Go to OurLIC Guide Real Estate

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