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For companies, organizations, and government agencies in LIC that want to participate in a platform that supports business development and the food chain.
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Tuesday September 2, 2014

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RCN Business Services

RCN Business Services
RCN Business Services

RCN%20Business%20Services RCN%20Business%20Services%20-%20Voice RCN%20Business%20Services%20-%20Data RCN%20Business%20Services%20-%20Video
Robin%20Fyffe thumb_1773_rcn_people_20110131_0001.jpg thumb_1773_rcn_people_20110131_02_0001.jpg thumb_1773_rcn_people_20110131_0004.jpg
thumb_1773_rcn_people_20110131_0006.jpg thumb_1773_rcn_people_20110131_0007.jpg thumb_1773_rcn_people_20110131_0008.jpg thumb_1773_licbdc_annual_20101117_1_560w0140.jpg

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Full Description: RCN is full-featured Voice, Data and Video that looks and sounds spectacular. The company delivers all three services over their own Fiber-Optic Network. RCN people work hard to provide the service you need, a network you can rely on, and service professionals who treat you like you are more than account number.

Call us,
RCN's Business Services Sales Manager,
at 866-430-5357.
Ask for a CONNECT Kit.
Mission Statement: RCN understands the challenges of being a business owner. We invest our time to deliver Voice, Data, and Video services that help keep you and your business running. We offer the right products at the right price and give you the personal attention you deserve.

Connect to RCN Business Services...and connect to something more.

Insider Tips: Call us,
RCN's Business Services Sales Manager, at 866-430-5357.
Ask for a CONNECT Kit.
Neighborhood: Long Island City
Address: 22-15 43rd Avenue, 4th Floor
City: Long Island City
State: NY
Zip: 11101
Country: USA
Telephone: 866-430-5357
Sales Department Telephone: 866-430-5357

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Link to OurLIC Space: http://www.ourlic.com/space/SalesManager

Website: http://www.rcn.com/business
Special Contact Information: RCN Business Services Sales Manager,
22-15 43rd Avenue,
Long Island City, New York 11101

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