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Tuesday September 2, 2014

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The Waterfront Crabhouse

Slideshow image
The Waterfront Crabhouse
The Waterfront Crabhouse Long Island City.

The%20Waterfront%20Crabhouse Waterfront%20Crabhouse%20-%20Filet%20Mignon Waterfront%20Crabhouse%20-%20Bouillabaisse Waterfront%20Crabhouse%20-%20Shrimp%20Scampi
Waterfront%20Crabhouse%20-%20Stuffed%20Shrimp%20Portofino Waterfront%20Crabhouse%20-%20Two%20Pork%20Chops Waterfront%20Crabhouse%20-%20Maryland%20Crabs Waterfront%20Crabhouse%20-%20Waterfront%20Crabhouse%20-%20King%20Crab%20Legs%20
Waterfront%20Crabhouse%20-%20Giant%20Lobster%20Tails%20 Waterfront%20Crabhouse%20-%20Mussels%20in%20White%20Wine%20and%20Garlic Waterfront%20Crabhouse%20-%20Homemade%20Maryland%20Crabcakes Waterfront%20Crabhouse
Waterfront%20Crabhouse%20-%20Double%20Cut%20Prime%20Rib%20 Waterfront%20Crabhouse%20-%20Filet%20Mignon Waterfront%20Crabhouse%20-%20Cannoli Waterfront%20Crabhouse%20-%20
Waterfront%20Crabhouse%20Private%20Dining%20Room%20 Waterfront%20Crabhouse%20Main%20Dining%20Room Miller's%20Hotel%201885%20_Photo%20Courtesy%20of%20Vincent%20Seyfried Waterfront%20Crabhouse%20

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Best Crabs!
Great seafood. Decor gives it a distinctive character. Boxing and sports theme. The Waterfront Crab House is a fun friendly place with the finest seafood available anywhere and fresh fish specials everyday! This landmark building has been dubbed "The fish house known for its meat!" due to its outstanding USDA Prime Aged Steaks. We also offer a complete selection of homemade fresh pasta prepared with a true Italian flare. So come down and join us for a good time & great food at The Waterfront Crab House with our unique collection of antiques and memorabilia within these historic walls!

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Full Description: Great seafood. Decor gives it a distinctive character. Boxing and sports theme.

The Waterfront Crab House is a fun friendly place with the finest seafood available anywhere and fresh fish specials everyday! This landmark building has been dubbed "The fish house known for its meat!" due to its outstanding USDA Prime Aged Steaks. We also offer a complete selection of homemade fresh pasta prepared with a true Italian flare.

So come down and join us for a good time & great food at The Waterfront Crab House with our unique collection of antiques and memorabilia within these historic walls!

Ring Magazine says:

"There was a time when NYC was considered the Mecca of boxing. While all the fabled fight joints- Stillman's Gym, St. Nicholas arena, Sunnyside Gardens- have disappeared, many of the fighters who plied their craft inside those venues are still around. And yes they still have a home.

It's the Waterfront Crabhouse in Long Island City, Queens, which is where Ring 8, the New York City chapter of the veteran boxers association holds its monthly meetings.

It's nice to get together and see familiar faces to sit down and talk about the good old days", says Bobby Bartels, a former main event welterweight and now the president of ring 8. "We laugh we kid each other. I can walk in and say to a guy, what are you, punchy? And we get a good laugh. But only a fighter can say that to another fighter. Nobody else".

Indeed, boxing is a unique fraternity, and the monthly meetings provide the fighters with an evening during which they return to the spotlight. While the camaraderie is heartwarming, the organization's purpose extends far beyond that of a social club.
"Our goal is to help the indigent fighter", said Bartels, "we help out whenever we can the motto here is boxers helping boxers'

The organization is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and its legacy of good deeds goes back decades. But for all its noble endeavors, the club was fading until Tony Mazzarella, who owns the Waterfront Crabhouse Restaurant, offered to host meetings in 1993. Since then Ring 8 has thrived. It has approximately 5400 dues-paying members, and one third of the memberships are fighters.

In addition to the membership benefits, the organization also helps with expenses such as rent, utilities and groceries on a per-need basis.

The meetings begin informally, at the restaurants bar where Mazzarella has assembled on to the finest collections of boxing memorabilia south of Canastota. The crowd mingles until the official start of the meetings, which are held upstairs in the catering facility, where Mazzarella and his staff provide a hot buffet.

"It's very gratifying to be involved", said Mazzarella, a former member of the New York State Athletic Commission and now a promoter." a guy will walk into a meeting, rush across the room to another guy and say "I fought you 40 years ago in Sunnyside". You hit me with a helluva hook in the second round' and the next thing you know they are slapping each other on the back. To me that is a special bond that you don't see too often"

A visit to a meeting offers a true slice of the big apple. There are guest speakers each month, and at any given meeting, one could find themselves seated amongst a Pulitzer prize-winning columnist, a former member of the New York Knicks, a U.S. congressman, or a movie director.

The main attraction, tough, is the fighters. They have great stories to tell and it doesn't take much to get them rolling. All the fighters are approachable and will often sign autographs and pose for pictures."

Cuisine Type
Mission Statement: Start with a zesty, roomy, friendly place which exudes fun, where "laughter is the language spoken!" Add to this
the finest seafood available anywhere, live lobsters from our own tank, mussels, clams, oysters, Florida stone crabs,
2 lb. lobster tails, plus outstanding fresh fish specials everyday. Not enough? This former hotel built in 1881 has been called "the fish house known for its meat": a 16 oz. shell steak, double-cut prime rib "on the bone", veal chops, and
daily land-Lubber specials beyond the imagination. Still not enough? We also offer a complete selection of homemade
fresh pasta, prepared with a true Italian flair. Come and enjoy our food and friendship. Relax within our rustic and
historic walls. While waiting for our chef to prepare your meal, please walk around and enjoy the antiques and
memorabilia which adorn this unique restaurant.

Tony Mazzarella, Proprietor

Insider Tips: Ask about Waterfront Crab Club Card to earn points toward future dinners.

Kids Menu Available
Neighborhood: Hunters Point
Credit Cards Accepted
American Express
Address: 2-03 Borden Ave
City: Long Island City
State: NY
Zip: 11101
Country: USA
Telephone: 718.729.4862
Link to the OurLIC Gallery: http://www.ourlic.com/featured/restaurants/waterfront_crabhouse/

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Hours of Operation: Lunch, Diner, and Late night.

Website: http://www.wfcrabhouse.com
Specialization: The Waterfront Crabhouse is known as the SEAFOOD restaurant with great steaks and prime rib. But, make no mistake, The Waterfront Crabhouse is a 'crabhouse' in the true Florida tradition and has some of the very best seafood anywhere in New York City. It often serves seafood, like Maryland Crabs, that can be hard to find anywhere in Manhattan, Brooklyn or anywhere else in the city.
History: When Anthony Mazzarella opened his restaurant, The Waterfront Crabhouse, he knew the hundred year old building was something more significant than just a piece of real estate. In the late 1800's -early 1900's it was the social center of what was then a flourishing town as well as a favorite watering spot of New York's theatrical, political and sporting elite. "Tony Miller's Hotel" named after its proprietor, was constructed as a three story building in 1881 and for the next 25 years anybody who was anybody important appeared there.

This old landmark was patronized by men who have held cabinet offices under our presidents, political leaders like Richard Croder, multimillionaires like Russell Sage, naval officers of high degree, sportsmen and others of international and national reputation such as Theodore Roosevelt and Grover Cleveland (coming off the 34th street ferry). Usually 50,000 thousand people made the trip each day. some were probably commuters, others were headed out of summer homes on the island or to the Vanderbilt Cup races in Hempstead.

Many would make a detour by way of Tony Miller's bar. By the 1800's Borden Ave. was a bustling commercial and residential street with horse-drawn trolleys clattering down to the car barn next to the hotel. It was also the official hangout of Long Island City's colorful mayor, Patrick "Battle Ax" Gleason who earned his nickname in 1888, when LIRR constructed a fence on Front St (now 2nd St.) blocking the way so that the public could not pass without buying a railroad ticket.

To put things right, Gleason and some followers armed with axes, one night chopped the fence and sheds into pieces, to the cheers of Irish immigrants watching from tenement windows. Gleason's victory over the railroad was in a sense a temporary one.

In 1910 the LIRR built tunnels through to Penn Central station, allowing passengers to bypass the Ferry and Borden Ave altogether. This and the opening of the Queensboro Bridge in 1909 eventually doomed Long Island City.

In 1916 Millers Hotel shut its doors for good. The building that was once Millers Hotel was used as a warehouse from the 1920's on and briefly housed a hotel after WW II .

By the 1970's the increasing costs of staying in NY and a sluggish economy drove out many of the manufacturers leaving behind a tight-knit predominantly Italian community to cope amidst shrinking cith services.

In 1978 Anthony Mazzarella rebuilt the interior and opened his restaurant. Today the restaurant is again attracting patrons from all over the city including its share of celebrities. Customers now dine on an array of seafood and meat dishes, enjoy live music nightly including bands on Friday and Saturday nights and the best Dixi-Land Jazz band NY has to offer, on Sunday nights.
The success of this business may be the bellwether of a revitalization of Long Island City, bringing back some of the glory of the days when Paddy Gleason and company presided at Millers Hotel.
Nightlife Description: Very friendly bar.

Dinner and Dancing

Live entertainment Friday Saturday and Sunday.
Press and Reviews: http://www.ourlic.com/history/lic_history_and_the_waterfront_crabhouse.htm
Live Entertainment
How to Get There: From Long Island & Queens
Long Island Expressway west towards the Midtown Tunnel. Exit at Van Dam Street (last exit before toll). Continue straight then bear left at yellow flashing lights (Borden Ave.). Continue until the end. We are on the right.

From Brooklyn
Take Koskiosko Bridge staying to the right (as if heading to LIE east). Before the LIE exit, bear left towards the Midtown Tunnel exit. This puts you on LIE west. Exit at Van Dam Street. Continue straight then bear left at yellow flashing lights (Borden Ave.). Continue towards the Manhattan skyline until the end. We are on the right.

From Manhattan
Take Midtown Tunnel to the pay toll farthest right. Immediately exit to Borden Ave. Follow Borden Avenue to the end. We are on the right.

From New Jersey
Take Lincoln Tunnel into Manhattan. Take Midtown Tunnel (on 34th St. between 2nd & 3rd Ave.) Follow Manhattan directions above.
Take George Washington Bridge to the Triboro Bridge to the BQE. Exit the BQE at Greenpoint Avenue and take service road (Borden Ave.) to the end.

Kids Menu: http://www.ourlic.com/guide/menu/72/kidsmenucolor.pdf
Delivery Policy: Take Out Available - 718-729-4862
Private Room Capacity for Cocktails: 200
Private Room Capacity: 200
Parties: Private a semi private rooms 20 - 40 and private party room up to 200 for catering.
Special Contact Information: Contact information for parties in the restaurant - Kathy

Private parties in the Terrace - Bobby
Alcohol & Wine
Extensive Wine List
Full Service
International Beers

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Catering: The Terrace has a choice of four menus. Buffet style or sit down dinner.
Catering Contact: Bobby

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Listed by: Administrative Manager
Phone: 646-920-4652
Info: The Administrative Manager

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