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Learn how to become a Mr. Steam Dealer.

Mr.Steam provides the finest quality steambath generators, and towel warmers for residential and commercial use. Mr.Steam's innovative products enable people worldwide to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and spa experience.

Mr. Steam/Sauna warmers for Homes, Hotels, Resorts, Spas/Clubs. The first choice of informed architects, builders, remodelers and consumers worldwide. Technologically advanced, innovative products that consistently set industry standards for over 60 years.

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Business and Professional people have been using BizWiz since 1995 for eCommerce and our Marketplace to Get Connected.

You and your company can become part of a highly interactive business environment.

By joining BizWiz, you will be part of platform for Business Development that accelerates your ability to succeed at your opportunity.

You will...

     • Promote your company's products, services, and website

     • Publish 'Profiles', News, Articles, and 'Fact Sheets'
     • Widen your access to resources
     • Identify hidden opportunities earlier
     • Respond to Requests for Proposal (RFP's / RFQ's)
     • Continuously expand your knowledge
     • Improve productivity and reduce cost
     • Build Core Competencies into your organization
     • Support Executives and Employees
        across all corporate functions
     • Market Effectively
     • Improve share of market

To join, please start a company or professional profile at the main BizWiz service or contact us at 212-692-0704.

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