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Long Island City / Astoria Chamber of Commerce Authorized by The State of New York. Certificate of Incorporation of Long Island City / Astoria Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Under Section 402 of the Not-for-Profit Corporate Law

Long Island City / Astoria Chamber of Commerce LICChamber.org


Daily News May 19, 2011 establishing a Long Island City Chamber of Commerce. Photo by Daily News taken at


(L) Paul Halvatzis, Amorelli Realty (R) Arthur Rosenfield, OurLIC





Long Island City, NY September 5, 2012 -

The Long Island City / Astoria Chamber of Commerce has been fully incorporated in the State of New York on September 5, 2012.

The process began in May 2011 at a meeting oganized by Arthur Rosenfield, owner of OurLIC.  Members of the business community were invited to a meeting to discuss the merits of a formation of a Chamber of Commerce for the area.  The business Community was overwhelmingly  in favor, and the work began to draft by-laws, organize a Board of Directors and hold an election of Officers.

A group of business owners and executives representing approximately 200 companies of all types have participated. Varying from 45-80 people each month, the group began meeting monthly on the THIRD THURSDAY at The Waterfront Crabhouse to shape the vision and direction of the LIC Chamber. At the same time, the meetings acted as a forum for ideas and to listen to community leaders, NYC Council Members, Regional Planners, and others. As expected, business people had an opportunity to network and form new relationships.

The benefits of working together as a unified business community have been emphasized at every step.

The result of working together is a better flow of commerce and a stronger more prosperous business climate and individual satisfaction. It has already begun to unify the neighborhoods and provide a common community platform that encourages bringing the neighborhoods together.

An active business community member ,George Galanis, say "As a resident of the area for 30 plus years, I find our new local Chamber to be an indispensible asset to our fellow residents, business owners and community members. By supporting each other through our Chamber, we all benefit directly and indirectly."

The intention has always been to create a resource for small business that is independent and offers benefits for membership that previously did not exist for the community. The MISSION Statement defined an important new way for business people in the Greater Long Island City to have their needs met. Committees were defined to provide a basis for the business community to act upon areas that it considers priorities.

Principal founder, Rosenfield, elected as President of the LIC Chamber under formation in June, says that "Businesses need to have independent expression. A Chamber of Commerce is an independent organization of commercial people operating businesses who want to improve the process of doing business in the community, reach out for opportunities that could not otherwise be possible, bring new businesses and services to  the community, and ultimately improve the community's quality of life and business environment in all areas."

Rosenfield says "When small business owners speak up, together their voice is louder and gets action."

Business people and professionals need to meet each other and share ideas and information in order for there to be prosperity in the community.

Rosenfield says that "Attracting investment to LIC and Astoria is best accomplished by combining the leadership and qualities of all resources."  He points out that two areas of opportunity are vital to the regions growth.  "First is the development of the Applied Sciences campus on Roosevelt Island. Second is the opportunity for tourism." He says "These two opportunities are high priority as a leading source of revenue for business owners in the community, for job creation, and to harness the enormous pool of creative and executive talent that has moved to the area...some independent, and some in industries such as film and video production at the major studios."

In addition to  Rosenfield, the elected Executive Committee consists of seasoned business people with diverse backgrounds.

  • CHAIRMAN: Renos Kourtides - Alma Bank
  • PRESIDENT: Arthur Rosenfield - OurLIC
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Erhan Bahceci - Foodcellar Market
  • SECRETARY: John Dallaire - MaidPro
  • TREASURER: Rigoberto Cardosa - New Pronto Limousine Service

Rosenfield attributes the successful formation of the LIC Chamber to the Board. He says  "Each is not only an example of good business and management, committed to the growth of the business community in Long Island City, but also they are people who are committed to the success of the community and our neighborhoods in general."  The composition of this Board "cuts across all type of business interests." he said underscoring that there was "great promise because everyone is so dedicated".

Importantly, he called attention to the multicultural mixture of the LIC Chamber Board that has been assembled, noting that the representation of immigrant business owners included Greek, Cuban, Turkish, Indian, Ecuadorian, Irish, Italian, Romanian, Middle Eastern, Asian, and other countries...reflecting the strength and composition of the emerging Western Queens Business community.

The LIC Chamber has announced a contest for local artists and designers to submit a logo and other stationery and signage requirements as part of the contest.  ALMA Bank has offered the winner a $500 cash award.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Long Island City / Astoria Chamber of Commerce is to advance, promote, advocate for, and protect the economic and commercial environment for local business, and to advocate responsive government; quality of life, cultural, education, and medical care development; while preserving the region's unique community characteristics.

To accomplish this mission, the LIC / Astoria Chamber of Commerce shall adhere to these GUIDELINES:

  1. Encourage business and community prosperity by promoting economic programs designed to strengthen and enhance the financial opportunities for all businesses within the region.
  2. Promote commerce between and for the Members of the LIC / Astoria Chamber of commerce.
  3. Effectively act to organize events that support common goals and the improved flow of commerce in the region.
  4. Serve as an effective non-partisan, non-sectarian voice for business on legislative, business, social, governmental and community issues affecting the region.
  5. Identify and overcome obstacles that are detrimental to the business climate and community growth.
  6. Support civic, social and cultural programs designed to increase the functional and aesthetic values of the community.
  7. Promote life long learning and the continuous building of skills and knowledge throughout the life of an individual.
  8. Develop and oversee a community leadership program that gives the participants exposure to other leaders in the community, development of leadership skills, opportunities for personal growth and networking.
  9. Promote Tourism for the region by establishing and supporting the Travel and Tourism Council of Long Island City (TTCLIC).
  10. Attract companies to establish their location(s) in the region.
  11. Negotiate rates and cost savings with vendors, and with insurance companies for such necessary business expense items as employee health care and benefits, as well as other common purchases.


  • Travel and Tourism Council of Long Island City
  • Emergency Preparedness Council
  • Events and Fund Raising Council
  • Restaurants Council
  • Hotels Council
  • Industry Council
  • Real Estate Council
  • Contractors Council
  • Professionals Council
  • Financial Institution Council
  • Cultural Development & Support Council
  • LIC Council for Health Care Advocacy and Support
  • LIC Council for Education Advocacy and Support
  • Community Affairs Council
  • Economic Planning Council
  • Transportation Council
  • Government Affairs Committee
  • Networking Events and Social Networking Committee
  • Awards and Recognition Committee
  • Outreach to Attract Retail, Business, Industry, and Investment Committee
  • Retail Development Committee
  • Community Liaisons
  • Business Development and Assistance Committee
  • Mediation Assistance Committee
  • Future Think and Innovation Committee
  • Internet Implementation and Resource Committee
  • Marketing and Promotion Committee
  • Membership and Volunteers Committee
  • Gentrification and Beautification Committee
  • Energy Planning and Advocacy Committee
  • Program of Work Committee (Programs and Projects for the Year)

The Chamber meets on the THIRD THURSDAY of each month at the Waterfront Crabhouse at noon. The next meeting is September 20, 2012.  NYC Council Member Peter Vallone, Jr is guest speaker. Reservations are requested. Please submit reservations at http://www.LICChamber.org/signup.htm


For more information please visit the website:

Long Island City / Astoria Chamber of Commerce


contact Arthur Rosenfield, Arthur@CityEntree.com


Long Island City / Astoria Chamber of Commerce LICChamber.org
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Daily News May 19, 2011 establishing a Long Island City Chamber of Commerce. Photo by Daily News taken at
(L) Paul Halvatzis, Amorelli Realty (R) Arthur Rosenfield, OurLIC
Andrew Anzalone, Board Member
Patricia Olmstead, Owner Urban Explorations, Inc.
Erhan Bahceci, Partner, Foodcellar Market. Vice President, Long Island City / Astoria Chamber of Commerce
Robert Yaro, President, Regional Plan Association. Speaking at Long Island City / Astoria Chamber of Commerce
Robert Yaro, President, Regional Pllan Asspociation, says that it is "Time to Plan" at the March 2012 meeting of the Long Island City Chamber of Commerce.
(L) Andrew Anzalone (R) John Dallaire, MaidPro
Richard Mazda, Founder, Secret Theatre. Presents LIC Arts Open 2012 to Long Island City / Astoria Chamber of Commerce
Renos Kourtides, Chief Planning Officer, ALMA Bank. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Long Island City / Astoria Chamber of Commerce
Rigoberto Cardosa, Owner, Pronto Limousine Service, Sunnyside. Treasurer of Long Island City / Astoria Chamber of Commerce.
John Dallair, Owner MaidPro Long Island City. Secretary, Long Island City / Astoria Chamber of Commerce. Shown here with employee at Labor Day Picknic for Employees.
Joe Kenton, Chief of Staff, Office of City Council Member, Jimmy Van Bramer, at Long Island City / Astoria Chamber of Commerce March 2012 Meeting
(L) Brendan McNulty - New York Minute (R)Renos Kourtides, Alma Bank
Vasile Badaluta, owner of Bucharest Restaurant in Sunnyside, is chief editor of the Romanian Journal newspaper and producer of the Romanian Voice TV,
Go to OurLIC Featured Profile
(L) Don McCallian, Community Liason, Assembly Member Cathy Nolan (R) Marvin Berk - West Group Creative
(L) Don McCallian, Community Liason, Assembly Member Cathy Nolan (R) Marvin Berk - West Group Creative
Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer told the group that small businesses were important to him and to NYC and that he looked forward to partnering with the LIC / Astoria Chamber of Commerce.
(L) John Dallaire - MaidPro (R) Vasile Badaluta - Bucharest Restaurant, Romanian Journal Newspaper, Romanian TV Producer
(L) Erhan Bahcecr, Foodcellar Market (R) Metin Mangut, Foodcellar Market
(L) Elizabeth Phlippe, UN Federal Credit Union (R) Edith Pisciotta, Court Square Place Conference Center / UNFCU
Ivan Urgeles, Member of the Board of Directors
Mrs. Raquel Salas, Bigcitygraphic
Aravella Simotas, State Assembly Member District 36. Speaks to business at Long Island City Chamber of Commerce 4/7/2011
Eliot Lubitz, Commercial Banking Group, Citigroup
Jack Friedman, Executive Director, Queens Chamber of Commerce
Joe Conley, Chair of Community Board #2
John Vogt, Vice President and Regional Director for, White Castle
Paul Finnegan, Executive Director, The Irish Center of New York
Eliot Lubitz, Commercial Banking Group, Citigroup
(L) Nick Vaglica - Nationwide Insurance. Vaglica Agency
(L - R) Brent O'Leary - Attorney Rosemary and Andrew Anzalone
Danny and Miriam are your hosts at Madera Cuban Grill! It like home. Miriam and Danny are Co-Directors of the Long Island CIty / Astoria Chamber of Commerce.
Arthur Rosenfield

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