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FEMA, SBA, and SBDC Land in Long Island City to Help with Applications and Information

US Congressswoman Carolyn Maloney and Community Board #2 Chair Joe Conley bring FEMA, SBA, and SBDC to LIC.

FEMA, SBA, and SBDC assist with applications in Long Island City


FEMA Representative explains how to register for assistance and who qualifies.


Nycholas Hynes, SBA Disaster Assistance Public Information Officer assist with application for residential property loss.



Full video coverage and follow up Q&A are available in the left column in 3 segments of approximately three to five minutes each.

FEMA and SBA Application Assistance for Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief 20121126_02

FEMA and SBA Application Assistance for Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief 20121126_02

Hurricane Relief Information Session US Congresswoman Maloney 20121119

Hurricane Relief Information Session - US Congresswoman Maloney 20121119



Long Island City, NY November 26, 2012 -

As a Zone A area, bordered by Newtown Creek and New York City's East River, Long Island City's homes and businesses suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Sandy. It is not the type of damage that has required food drives or the National Guard. In fact, many of the residents and businesses of Long Island City have been volunteering and assisting with relief in other parts of NYC.

Nonetheless, the destruction in Long Island City was widespread from the food pantry, to stores and restaurants, to its schools and residences.

After surveying the community, meeting with the Community Board, and then inviting the community to an information meeting November 19th with FEMA, SBA, SBDC, and Joe Conley, Chair of Community Board #2, US Congresswoman Maloney mobilized Federal Agencies, State and City resources to bring relief to Long Island City.

With pens in hand and boxes of applications and informational brochures, the teams from city, state, and federal emergency relief decended upon Long Island City on Monday November 26 and Tuesday November 27, 2012.

All agencies offering recovery and relief assistance were available at Manducatti Rustica on Vernon Blvd to help small business owners and residents complete application forms and get registered for loans and grants.

The community is grateful for the efforts of Congresswoman, the Joe Conley, and those from FEMA, SBA, and SBDC who came to help.

OurLIC NEWS covered the two day application assistance and information event and interviewed FEMA and SBA Disaster Assistance representatives.  The VIDEO interviews are presented with this article.

A great deal of information has already been made available.  Here are two important points that emerged from the interviews:

Registering with FMA is important, whether or not you are a business or an individual. First, it documents the scope of the damage to the community. Second, there may be future government programs and assistance that will qualify a candidate later, which might not be available at this time. This is amplified by the news reports of Governor Cuomo's request for $42 Billion in aid which must be approved by the US Congress.

Second, the SBA Disaster Assistance division offers relief loans to individuals who are not in business. This is an important point, that the Small Business Administration has a dual function. One to provide loans to businesses, and additionally to be the source of emergency relief to individuals who are home owners or apartment dwellers.


SPECIAL REPORT: Congresswoman Maloney Surveys Long Island City to Assess HURRICANE SANDY Damage

ANNOUNCEMENT: Grant Program for Small Business Makes More than $45 million available by NYC to assist in recovery from the effects of Hurricane Sandy

Recovery and Relief: Sharing,  Solutions,  and Answers for Small Business and the Community.  LIC Chamber Reception and Luncheon Meeting November 15, 2012

SBA "SHOWS ME THE MONEY" AT FACE-TO-FACE WORKSHOP: US Small Business Administration Delivers the Details

MYTHS & REALITIES: Emergency Financial Support for Small Business. What are the FACTS?

HOW TO HELP: People and Businesses Generously Helping

Senator Gillibrand’s Guide to Disaster Assistance and Relief Funding

Help from FEMA after a Disaster. The Facts

Governor Cuomo Announces Commissions To Improve New York State's Emergency Preparedness And Response Capabilities, And Strengthen The State’s Infrastructure To Withstand Natural Disasters

Special Disaster Unemployment Assistance Available Due to Hurricane Sandy


Links above provide access to additional contact information and applications. For further referrals or questions, write to Arthur Rosenfield at Arthur@CityEntree.com

FEMA, SBA, and SBDC assist with applications in Long Island City
FEMA Representative explains how to register for assistance and who qualifies.
Nycholas Hynes, SBA Disaster Assistance Public Information Officer assist with application for residential property loss.

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