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Jammin' with Elio Villafranca and Terry Walsh

Grammy Award Winner Villafranca and Terry Walsh of Steinway & Sons

Jammin' with Grammy Award Winner Elio Villafranca and Steinway's own Terry Walsh


Elio Villafranca (white shirt), Terry Walsh (black shirt) Jamming on a Steinway & Sons baby Grand Piano




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Long Island City, NY July 21, 2012 -

Elio Villafraca is a Grammy Award Winner. He says about the music he plays "It comes from my bones." He is a Steinway Concert Pianist, a small group highly talented people who have the endorsement of Steinway & Sons, Astoria.

Terry Walsh is Concert Technician at Steinway & Sons. Terry travels the world and tunes pianos for some of the most important concert pianist of our time. Moments before you heard Elton John perform on that extra large piano at Albert Hall, Terry was probably there with Elton tuning that Steinway Grand to perfection... and there are stories to tell.  His name is not on the marquis, but what you hear from that Steinway & Sons piano has been tuned by a master, recognized around the world by the finest concert pianist for his gift with tone and the quality of his skill in making Steinway pianos meet the highest demands of famed concert pianists.

Terry says "I make things people can't touch." It is an abstract thought, but when we watched the video together, the meaning was clear. Terry makes things that people just can't touch.

These two friends came together on July 21st at Terry's home, during an annual party to celebrate summer.

Spontaneous combustion can't hold a candle to a hot jam session between these two talented people....and it was certainly something that you just can't touch.

OurLIC was there, and presents a video of that jam session, between the Steinway technician and the Grammy Award winner.... along with solo performances by Elio Villafranca and Kristen Maxfield, another friend of Terry's who plays and sings for his guests. In another set, Terry and Elio are joined by the head of IT for Steinway & Sons at the drums.

The videos are presented with this article, along with photos of Terry's friends. Hiding in the group of photos is yest another talented musician and accomplished Trumpetere who records and performs with some pretty well known celebrity artists such as Liza ....with a "Z". Yes. Liza Minnelli.

Were are also pleased to present an OurLIC VIDEO CONVERSATION with Elio Villafranca!  You can find Elio on Facebook..and let him know you like him, and the music that comes from those bones.

It turns out that Astoria has some pretty amazing talent. Stay tuned!

Elio Villafranca's Website says

Elio Villafranca is at the forefront of the latest generation of remarkable Cuban pianists, composers and bandleaders that for several years has been making major creative contributions to the international development of modern jazz. In the 2010 Grammy Awards he was nominated in Best Latin Jazz Album of the Year, for his performance, composition and coproduction in the album Things I Wanted To Do by Chembo Corniel

Elio Villafranca is now an official Steinway Artist. Since 1853, Steinway pianos have set an uncompromising standard for sound, touch, beauty, and investment value. Elio is delighted to be an official representative of Steinway


Jammin' with Grammy Award Winner Elio Villafranca and Steinway's own Terry Walsh
Elio Villafranca (white shirt), Terry Walsh (black shirt) Jamming on a Steinway & Sons baby Grand Piano
Kristen Maxfield, performs for friends.
Steinway sets the stage!
OurLIC VIDEO CONVERSATION with Elio Villafranca
Terry Welsh, at the Steinway!
Kristen Maxfield
Piano from Steinway & Sons.
After party at The Blvd on Ditmars
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Guests enjoyed the pizza from the popular Alba Restaurant on Ditmars Blvd
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After patry at The Blvd on Ditmars Blvd.
Oop! The Anniversary cake was a surprise for Marion and Arthur
Delicious ANNIVERSARY and BIRTHDAY cakes were purchased at Martha's Coutry Bakery on Ditmars Blvd

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