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Review: Lessons of Ancient Greek Mythology Transcend Time and Culture in 'La Callas & Medea' at Thalia Spanish Theatre

'La Callas & Medea' offers drama, humor, and good entertainment as well as provocative insights. Performances in both English and Spanish.

a Callas & Medea at Thalia Spanish Theatre in Sunnyside


Medea prepares for revenge


(L) Angel Gil Orrios, Director, and Jaime Salom, Play writer, discuss La Callas & Medea with OurLIC.



Full video coverage and follow up Q&A are available in the left column in 3 segments of approximately three to five minutes each.









Long Island City, NY May 25, 2012 -

Medea is an ancient Greek Tragedy first performed in 431 A.D.  It is a classic story of a woman who takes revenge on her husband because he betrays her.

Maria Callas was a world renowned, American born, Greek soprano raised in Long Island City / Astoria in 1923. After her love affair with Aristotle Onassis, she left her dramatic life and personal tragedy behind her.  This play is about the imaginary meeting between Maria Callas and her most famous character, Medea.

Spanish playwright, Jaime Salom, along with the talented cast and Angel Gil Orrios, Producer, Designer, and Director of the Thalia Spanish Theatre, weave the story of Maria Callas' life through the eyes of Medea.

The contrast between the 'real' Maria Callas and the 'mythical' Medea was brilliant.  While they both ruined their lives over the love of a man, one was able to rise above it, the other was unable to and destroyed her life. Yet in the end, both women found respect for each other.

La Callas & Medea, at the Thalia Spanish Theatre in Sunnyside through June 24th, reminds us that Greek mythology plays out in every day life, and teaches us lessons of human nature....especially to the extremes that lead to tragedy.

OurLIC was at this special performance on opening night and received permission to present short video segments of the play. We encourage people to see this play.  This OurLIC news article also presents post play interviews with playwright, Jaime Salom;  Producer / Director, Angel Gil Orrios; and a special interview with Silvia Brito, the Founder of Thalia Spanish Theatre.

We always enjoy being at the Thalia Spanish Theatre. The theatre itself has an intimacy that we especially like. It is comfortable and the actors are very talented and professional. La Callas & Medea is no exception. It offers drama and humor, with many references to life in Astoria, and good entertainment as well as provocative insights.


  • Soledad Lopez- Medea
  • Kathy Tejada - Maria Callas
  • Raul Julia - Onassis
  • Francisco Fuertes -Battista
  • Basilica Bliachas - Journalist, Medea and Maria Callas as young girls
  • Yvette Quintero - Litza, Nurse
  • Hector Luis Rivera - Sorcerer

Angel Gil Orrios, Thalia Spanish Theatre Producer, Director, Writer

Spanish director/writer/ producer Angel Gil Orrios, has produced and directed more than 150 productions in Spain, the United States, and France in the last 40 years. MORE ABOUT ANGEL Committed to maintaining the quality that has become the hallmark of Thalia, Mr. Gil continues  producing Spanish and Latin American plays, World Premiere original dance musicals, flamenco and  tango dance programs and more, and the annual free Thalia al Aire Libre/Outdoors Festival in our  neighborhood park.

His most important innovation is to present our productions with bilingual casts, alternating  performances in English and Spanish.

Silvia Brito, Founder of Thalia Spanish Theatre

Thalia’s reputation was built up over more than two decades by the hard work, fierce dedication and outstanding leadership of founder Silvia Brito. An actress in her native Cuba, she moved to New York City in the early 1960’s and immediately became involved in the fledgling Spanish theatre movement here. She gave a legendary performance as Martha in WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF at Repertorio Español, and earned critical acclamation for a number of other performances. Eventually she became involved with Thalia Spanish Theatre, and although everyone told her she was “crazy”, assumed leadership of the organization in 1977 when she established it in Queens. Ms. Brito is celebrated for her uncompromising commitment to quality and her determination to present a positive image of Hispanic people and their culture. She chose plays and zarzuelas from Spain not only because she felt that they best represented the common cultural roots of all Spanish-speaking people, but because she wanted to
offer substantial, positive roles for the myriad Hispanic theatre artists living and working in New York. She produced a number of American and World Premieres of plays by Spanish authors, many of whom attended the opening nights of their works at our theatre.

Most of Thalia’s productions through 1999 were directed by Silvia Brio. Despite numerous challenges, the theatre grew and prospered. Ms. Brito received many awards along the way, although they never can begin to recognize her achievements. After her retirement in December, 1999, she was presented with the ACE Lifetime Achievement Award and the HOLA Founders Award for her contributions to “the creation of the Spanish theatre movement today”.

The Spanish Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers (SGAE) flew Ms. Brito to Spain to present her with their special lifetime award. Finally, the Spanish Government bestowed upon her one of its highest honors, THE QUEEN ISABELLA CROSS (LA CRUZ DE ISABEL LA CATOLICA)

She continues to work as an actress and was featured in the Puerto Rican film Maldeamores (Lovesickness) in 2007.


For more information and Tickets, please contact:

Kathryn Giaimo
Administrative Director
Thalia Spanish Theatre
41-17 Greenpoint Avenue
Sunnyside, NY 11104


a Callas & Medea at Thalia Spanish Theatre in Sunnyside
Medea prepares for revenge
(L) Angel Gil Orrios, Director, and Jaime Salom, Play writer, discuss La Callas & Medea with OurLIC.
Producer & Director, Angel Gil Orrios enjoys opening night of La Callas & Medea May 25, 2012 at the Thalia Spanish Theatre.
Silvia Brito, Founded Thalia Spanish Theatre in 1977
Jaime Salom, Play writer, discuss La Callas & Medea with OurLIC on opening night at Thalia Theatre May 25, 2012.
(L) Silvia Brito, Founder of Thalia Spanish Theatre in 1977 (R) Kathy Giaimo, Administrative Director
Basilica Bliachas plays the parts of Journalist, Media as a young girl, and Maria Callas as a young girl
(L) Soledaed Lopez plays the part of Medea.
Kathy Tejada plays the part of Maria Callas
Raul Julia performs as Onassis, Jason, and George
Yvette Quintero plays the roles of Litza, Nurse/Amay
(L) Hector Luis Rivera plays the part of Sorcerer/Mago and Teacher
Yvette Quintero plays the roles of Litza, Nurse/Amay
Kathryn Giaimo Administrative Director Thalia Spanish Theatre
Yvette Quintero plays the roles of Litza, Nurse/Amay

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