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Z HOTEL to Open July 1, 2011 in Long Island City.  Pre-opening Press Party Attracts Hundreds 6/21/2011

Hotel Brings Stunning Views, Stellar Service and Sensational Gathering Spots To Emerging Neighborhood

Z Hotel


(C) Henry Zilberman, Developer and Owner of Z Hotel with friends on the roof of the Z Hotel. Queensboro / Mayor Ed Koch Bridge in the background


(L-R) Henry Zilberman, Owner Z- Hotel, Debra Ivory, Angelo & Sons, (r) Valerie Delia, Travels with Val NY1





Long Island City, New York June 21, 2011 -

As a community, Long Island City is very happy that Henry Zilberman has selected Long Island City to make the investment in a 100 room hotel here. The Z Hotel is contemporary and innovative in design and style for travelers, local visitors, residents, and local businesses that will make good use of it. It has the promise to make a significant contribution to both the quality of life in Long Island City as well as the economic future of the Long Island City community.

Henry Zilberman could have invested to build the Z Hotel anywhere. We think he chose Long Island City because it is in an early stage of a renaissance both as a residential community as well as a tourism destination.

Zilberman had the vision and foresight to see the opportunity. The community will support his hotel, and both will grow as the relationship between his hotel and community becomes further understood.

Zilberman will also bring new energy and life to the Queens Plaza end of Hunters Point. It is a short walk or drive to Vernon Blvd restaurants or those along Center Street and Borden Ave.

This does not even take into account the the hundreds of direct and indirect jobs that will result. 

There are a lot of aspects to this renaissance, and Zilberman is not the only one making the investments here.  Aside from Real Estate Developers, restaurants, merchant entrepreneurs, media, other new hotel owners, and business people, the City of New York, the State of New York, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and the Federal Government have been making consistent and very substantial capital investments and commitments to Long Island City.  Long Island City is a top priority of Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Economic Development Corporation for commercial as well as residential investment.

There is a long history behind the change, and there are significant continuing developments in the community that support the investment that Henry Zilberman has made.

From the Z Hotel Press Release

The July 1 opening of Z New York Hotel brings an exciting new addition to the city’s hospitality scene – in Queens, naturally.  The Z is just over the 59th Street bridge, not far from MoMA P.S. 1, right by the iconic Silvercup Studios, and within walking distance of 2011’s biggest culinary hot spots in LIC.  Z New York Hotel is poised to join these Long Island City touchstones as a must-visit destination on city’s ever-growing map, and its friendly, laid-back feel.  It offers incomparable views of the skyline, a signature rooftop bar,  and a central location with easy access to some of the finest shopping, dining and sightseeing in town. 

Celebrating the Art of Travel (Figuratively and Literally)

Almost everything you need to know about the Z’s unique take on the contemporary hotel is evident the moment you enter the lobby, a small space that makes an outsized impression.  An original installation by Serett Metalworks on the main wall depicts the train station departure board of the dedicated traveler’s dreams, with points familiar (France, Germany, Spain) and exotic (Israel and Iceland) wilkomming arrivals.  A custom check-in desk repurposes vintage luggage, behind which is a one-of-a-kind mural depicting the gloriously ornate City Hall subway station.    This “soliloquy to travel” is the vision of the hotel’s owner, Henry Zilberman, who came to New York with $2,000 in his pocket and the kind of prescience that defines a born entrepreneur.

From the lobby, there are two choices:  head upstairs to your room (or one of the jaw-dropping outdoor gathering places), or run downstairs to the lounge and restaurant below.  At the bottom of the loft-like staircase you’ll glimpse a baby grand piano; a not-so-baby-grand black crystal chandelier is suspended overhead.  Depending upon your arrival time, the musical accompaniment could be The Rolling Stones on stereo or a Cuban jazz combo jamming live.  Either way, you’ll probably decide to descend immediately for a drink in the buzzing “Z Hotel Lounge,” spelled out in mosaic tile, New York subway-style. 

Designer Andre Escobar, working in close collaboration with Zilberman and Managing Director Jon Eklund, has created an eclectic, inviting and stimulating environment.  Along with burled walnut floors, glazed brick, and enormous second-story windows that shed western light on the subterranean space, there are rustic-chic pieces from Restoration Hardware, inviting banquettes, and a one-of-a-kind bi-level bar topped with black Caesar stone.  Oh, and many, many more eye-catching chandeliers.  Zilberman and team understand the all-important mood-enhancing power of great lighting.  You will look good at the Z – as will all of those interesting strangers.

Gimme Shelter

The remarkable thing about Z New York Hotel is how democratic the room situation is.  Two sizes, depending on your needs, each designed with the kind of flair that generally comes at twice the price.   Rather than wallpaper, there are three bespoke murals of iconic New York experiences – Billie Holiday singing, the Rockettes kicking, a taxi cab cruising.  You might interpret them (respectively) as celebrations of nuance and originality, energy and the desire to please, efficiency and excitement.  The murals perfectly capture the Z’s values, spirit and hospitality goals.  The high-end mattresses, high-thread-count Egyptian 100% cotton sheets, and flat-screen TVs Sony. 

Z  Floors have radiant heat for post-shower comfort; showers are double-sized and equipped wonderfully sleek chrome fixtures and Gilchrest & Soames bath products. 

The over-bed wall sconces, custom created for the Z by Brooklyn’s Ecostruct, channel “Steampunk,” mixing sleek contemporary filament bulbs with classic Mason jars.  Dashes of shiny silver fabric are chicly mixed in with the predominantly brown, black and grey aesthetic; bright red leather chairs add punctuation.   For sale on chic boutique shelving:  flip flops replace standard slippers; hard hats accompany requisite baseball caps.  Even the mini-bars offer something almost unheard of nowadays: reasonable prices.  But all of this exceptional attention to detail and focus on the user-experience ultimately takes a back seat to the rooms’ most remarkable feature:   floor-to-ceiling windows framing the full sweep of that island across the way.

Gazing, Grazing, Lazing:  Gathering Together, Z-Style

If possible, the views are even better above the Z, where you’ll find what is destined to be the (end-of-conversation) best of New York’s hotel rooftop restaurants.  Twinned aviator-style bars by Serrett Metalworks and sleek Design Within Reach furniture create a suitably stylish foundation for sunset cocktails, romantic dinners, and festive nightcap toasts.  A pizza oven turns out fabulous blistered-crust personal pies at reasonable prices, accompanied by terrace-friendly greatest hits of rustic American fare from the signature restaurant downstairs.  This is a destination that’s destined to be on every New Yorker’s list, for it turns out you can’t really see an island’s full glory while you’re standing on it.

Says Zilberman, the man who recognized the glory of his up-and-coming borough before almost anyone else:  “The service industry is in my blood.  Back in Israel, I opened a very successful restaurant in an unlikely spot – so I guess I have a history of finding promise in the unexpected.  But that’s a lot more fun than following an already established formula.”  Fun is a big word for the Z Hotel team – rather than a somber temple to design and quiet good taste, they’ve gone for eclecticism, liveliness and community.  Consider, for example, the layout of the upper floors.  In good weather, they are completely open, with balconied walkways clad in multi-colored panels.  In the colder months, glass panels slide down, preserving the views of Silvercup and the rest of the borough.  Chic lounges are central to each floor – adding yet another common space that encourages relaxation and even socializing.

Let’s Get Lost

While the Z is literally focused on Manhattan, it’s not actually in it.  But it is incredibly well situated for shopping Madison Avenue, visiting the Fifth Avenue museums, having Breakfast at Tiffany’s (or, more likely, one of the celebrated restaurants in the area), and rambling around Central Park.  “The hotel is nearer than most places on the Upper West Side,” says Zilberman.  “And much, much closer than the downtown hotels.”   (This is a man who knows his distances, having started his New York life as a gypsy cab driver.)

“I know what I’m looking for when I travel,” he adds.  “And I’m surprised I don’t encounter more of it.  I want a place that’s inclusive, familial, a place where you can be yourself.  I want casualness with comfort.  Not stiffness.  I want convenience and I want adventure – in the place and in the people.  I want a hotel that’s taking chances, but only chances that are calculated to make things better for the customer.  I want to get lost in the excitement of being somewhere completely unexpected.”


HENRY ZILBERMAN - Owner, Developer of Z New York Hotel

Epitomizing the great American dream, Henry Zilberman arrived in NY from Israel in 1989 with $2,000 in his pocket, and used his keen instincts to achieve success beyond his wildest dreams.  His lack of industry knowledge and formal business experience enabled him to envision unorthodox possibilities.  In 22 years, he's driven a gypsy cab; owned a fleet of limousines and car services; developed college dorms in Brooklyn; built homes and renovated condemned brownstones from scratch; developed the first doorman building in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn; built condos and apartments in Long Island City; and now a 100-room boutique hotel with commanding views of the New York City skyline.

Appreciation of going from rags-to-riches has not been lost on Zilberman.  When he originally arrived in New York City at the age of 28 he knew only one person, but said, “I was not afraid, I was afraid to be poor.”  He bought a station wagon and began giving taxi rides in Alphabet City.  As he put it, “It’s fantastic when you don’t have a choice.”  After six months, he saved enough money to purchase his first stretch limo and from there he moved up quickly.  He struck innovative deals with limousine companies and through his programming, changed the availability of the affordable limousine by guaranteeing fixed rates for the first time.

Zilberman’s limousine business grew to a fleet of 30 limos and he had no place to park them.  In 1996, he purchased a plot of land in Long Island City as necessity to house the cars – it is now the site of the Z New York Hotel.

Zilberman, always having an eye for a treasure long before others have spotted the glisten, has been watching Long Island City for years.  “Long Island City is so close to Manhattan,” he said, “I’m surprised it has taken so long for people to discover it.”  With Z New York Hotel, Zilberman will provide a trendy hotel that will also have rates lower than Manhattan.  He hand-picked every amenity based on what he has enjoyed during his travels, from Gilcrist & Soames bath products and 100% cotton sheets to the Z Roof and the soon-to-open Z Beer Garden. 

“I know what I’m looking for when I travel,” Zilberman added.  “And I’m surprised I don’t encounter more of it.  I want a place that’s inclusive, familial - a place where you can be yourself.  I want casualness with comfort.  Not stiffness.  I want convenience and I want adventure - in the place and in the people.  I want a hotel that’s taking chances, but only chances that are calculated to make things better for the customer.  I want to get lost in the excitement of being somewhere completely unexpected.”

Zilberman resides in New York City with his wife. Z New York Hotel is his first hotel. 


About Z New York Hotel

The new Z New York Hotel will open early July 2011, leading Long Island City in a revival as it transforms the neighborhood’s previous industrial image into a destination for New York City visitors seeking stylish accommodations with affordable rates.  With each of its 100 guest rooms boasting sweeping, panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline, Z New York Hotel offers a new perspective on New York City boutique luxury lodging.  Whether via the complimentary shuttle service each hour, a quick 10 minute cab ride, or a mere subway stop over the river on the 7 train, guests are provided easy access to the Big Apple through the hotel’s concierge services.  Amenities include oversized mattresses clad in high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, feather beds, complimentary wifi in all rooms, complimentary global phone calls, Gilchrist & Soames bathroom amenities and outdoor lounges for guests on every floor.  Z New York Hotel is a culinary destination with three unique venues including the signature Z restaurant serving rustic American fare, Z Roof, and Z Beer Garden.  Rolex, Citibank and Silvercup Studios all have offices in Long Island City and the industrial façade offers plenty of hip food outlets, shops, galleries and sculpture studios.  The site was originally a warehouse that owner/developer Henry Zilberman purchased in 1996.  www.zhotelny.com




For additional information or to make a reservation, please visit www.zhotelny.com or call 212-319-7000.

Media Contacts:

Jenna Newmark/Courtney Long
Nancy J. Friedman Public Relations




Z Hotel
(C) Henry Zilberman, Developer and Owner of Z Hotel with friends on the roof of the Z Hotel. Queensboro / Mayor Ed Koch Bridge in the background
(L-R) Henry Zilberman, Owner Z- Hotel, Debra Ivory, Angelo & Sons, (r) Valerie Delia, Travels with Val NY1
Z Hotel, 11th Street and 43rd Ave, at the foot of the Queensboro / Mayor Koch Bridge in Long Island City
Lisa Gneo, Director of Sales, Z Hotel.
View to Manhattan from the roof of the Z Hotel at sunset. 6/21/2011
Nick Vaglica, Nick Vaglica Agency for Nationwide Insurance on the roof of the Z Hotel in Long Island City for the Pre-Opening Reception 6/21/2011
Jonathan Eklund, Special Projects Executive for Henry Zilberman
Magic moment on the roof of the Z Hotel in Long Island City. Queensborough / Mayor Ed Koch Bridge in the background. 6/21/2011
Room at the Z Hotel
Room at the Z Hotel
Downstairs restaurant at the Z- Hotel
(L - R) Brando Guerrero, Nationwide Insurance & Financial Services; Nick Vaglica, Nationwide Insurance; Joseph Sticco, Gilman & Giocca and new LIC resident; Brent O'Leary, Attorney and former candidate for New York City Council
(L) Nick Vaglica, Nationwide Insurance (R) Henry Zilberman, Developer and Owner of Z Hotel in Long Island Ciity. On the roof of the Z- Hotel 6/21/2011
Downstairs restaurant at the Z Hotel
(L) Karen Fitzgerald, artist and curator (R) Brent O'Leary, Attorney and former candidate for NYC Council
Wall Stree Journal Reporter interviews Henry Zilberman. 6/21/2011
Brando Guerrero, Nationwide Insurance and Financial Services
View from downstairs restaurant to main lobby of Z Hotel
View from lobby of Z Hotel to the downstairs restaurant.
(L) Debra Ivory, Antonio & Sons Bakery (R) Carmen
Henry Zilberman talks with friends.
View from lobby of Z Hotel to the downstairs restaurant.

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