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Behind the Scenes: Valarie D'Elia comes to Long Island City to Report on Tourism for "Travel with Val"

Tourists Find Long Island City A Great Alternative To Manhattan Madness segment by Valarie D'Elia aired on NY1 September 15th and 19th "Travel with Val".

Valarie D'Elia, 'Travel with Val' and authority on tourism crosses the East River on the East River Ferry to Long Island City





New York, NY September 19, 2011 -

Long Island City tourism is booming. The community is in the midst of a renaissance with hotels being built, and restaurants being opened.  Long Island City is attracting people from all over the world for the same reason that people are moving here.  It is 3 to 5 minutes across the East River to Manhattan, and a short distance to airports and lots of attractions, dining, and cultural centers in Queens.

When we met Valarie D'Elia at the pre-opening reception of the Z Hotel in July, she asked "What do people do in Long Island City?"  We quickly invited her to return for a tour.

In early September, just after Hurricane Irene passed through, Val crossed the East River, by its new Ferry, with Arthur and Marion Rosenfield. For several hours we introduced Val to the Long Island City that we know.  Because of OurLIC, we have a privileged view and perspective of LIC and were able to show her, first hand, the answer to her question "What do people do in Long Island City."

More importantly, we did it from the perspective of how we think a traveler would want to look at Long Island City from a distance, using the internet.

Valarie did an excellent, objective report which aired on NY1 and appeared in video on her website as well as NY1: "Tourists find Long Island City a Great Alternative to Manhattan"

Valarie D'Elia Bio from the TravelwithVal.com website

Valarie D’Elia is a travel expert who doesn’t wear that label loosely. Born into a travel industry family that dates back to 1902, Val has developed an expertise that is cultivated from a century’s worth of perspective. Known for her trademark D’Elia’s Deals, Val has a built-in barometer that scrutinizes values from the inside out and knows the difference between genuine savings and marketing mumbo jumbo.

Val’s appeal comes largely from the fact that she delivers travel information in a no-nonsense, direct way that is both non-threatening and useful to the recipient. Everything that Val reports about has take-home value. Her enthusiasm for her subject matter is infectious, and she imparts an “if I can do it, you can do it” mentality.

She encourages everyone to get out of his or her comfort zone to embrace the rewards of seeing the world. Having traveled to 100 countries on seven continents, Val is setting an example for others with her independent spirit and open mindedness. Val  provides the nudge travelers need to take that precarious first step to fulfill their travel dreams. She is the fun aunt, sister or friend who you like to stay connected with and are inspired by. She’s a conventional gal, who took an unconventional path and has the conviction to follow her passion.

Alison Wright Photography

Alison Wright Photography


Valarie D'Elia, 'Travel with Val' and authority on tourism crosses the East River on the East River Ferry to Long Island City

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