OurLIC FLYERS VISONS Luncheon. May 13, 2014. knelson@visionsvcb.org ::Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund GALA Saturday May 10, 2014. <a href='http://www.htsf.org' TARGET='_blank'>HTSF.org</a> ::Guardian Data Destruction ::$10.00 Off at REDKEN Saloon Salon in Astoria
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FLYERS OurLIC Long Island City, New York


VISONS Luncheon. May 13, 2014. knelson@visionsvcb.org

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Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund GALA Saturday May 10, 2014. HTSF.org

The Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund has awarded over $2 million in scholarships to over 800 students from across the United States. The sole fundraiser for the organization is its annual Awards Gala in May. The funds for the Scholarships awarded are principally raised through our journal, raffle and the generosity of members of the community and corporations who purchase tables and make donations. Every cent raised after event expenses and operating expenses goes directly to scholarships for the education of our students. Only 6 cents out of every dollar raised goes towards HTSF operating expenses, which include: telephone, website maintenance, office supplies, tax preparation, and application processing. The Fund does not employ any full-time employees and relies principally on the generosity of its committee volunteers for all aspects of running the organization, including but not limited to event planning, scholarship evaluation, fundraising, type-setting and art design. Through your unwavering support, we look forward to continue educating Greek America.
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Guardian Data Destruction

LIC Headquartered Guardian Data Becomes Certified for Hard Drive Destruction by National Association for Information Destruction (NAID)

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – In June, Guardian Data Destruction, Inc. became certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) for computer hard drive sanitization and physical destruction.

"“To support our continued growth with our full suite of onsite data destruction services it is imperative that we provide the client with a secure and standardized process so the experience is to the same service standard at any of their sites in the U.S.,' said Glenn Laga of Guardian Data Destruction. "Becoming NAID certified provides our clients with a third party, industry recognition that GDD meets NAID’s security procedures and validates to the client that GDD will execute a standard process at any of their location in the U.S.';

Guardian Data Destruction is a secure information destruction company based in Long Island City, N.Y. with locations in Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles and Seattle. They specialize in onsite data erasure or destruction, asset logistics, site decommissioning and asset disposition. By becoming NAID certified, Guardian Data Destruction can demonstrate its compliance with operational and security specifications.

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$10.00 Off at REDKEN Saloon Salon in Astoria

This $10.00 OFF offer may not be combined with other special offers. This offer is for hair services, not retail products. You may present this offer on your cell phone. Offer is limited to 0ne time redemption per customer.
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