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OurLIC is pleased to present CulturePop, PANORAMA, INTERSECTION, and Ear to the Ground by Insider Contributors who know what is happening in Long Island City because they live it every day.

Ed Koch Reviews is written by Former Mayor Edward Koch of The City of New York. It is presented to OurLIC readers for your enjoyment.

The neighborhood is hopping with culture these days. Music, visual art, theater, dance. CulturePop is written by Sofia Landon Geier, an OurLIC Insider Contributor.

Art is the language of the human spirit. It is as old as our earliest civilizations. Art is a language that is also universal -- it speaks to us no matter what words articulate our thoughts. Living with art that not only reflects our vision but also expands our spirit is essential. The call and response of the human spirit is amplified through artwork. Come out. Look. Bring your check book. Buy art, buy local. P A N O R A M A is written by Karen Fitzgerald, an OurLIC Insider Contributor.

This column in OurLIC will have a meaning for the word INTERSECTION both as a physical location as well as a place where there is a merging of diverse cultures. INTERSECTION is written by Dr. Jack Eichenbaum, an OurLIC Contributor, Instructor, and Urban Geographer.

Everyone knows that keeping your "ear to the ground" means paying attention to what is happening around you; getting an early sign that something is coming, pay attention to rumors.

To us "ear to the ground" items are things that are not in a calendar yet, and stories that are still too early to write articles about. Even a well confirmed rumor will qualify.

Ear to the Ground is written by Dana Humphrey, an OurLIC Insider Contributor.

Last Updated: Friday, March 28, 2010 - 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time
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