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May 4, 2010

Ear to the Ground is written by Dana Humphrey, an OurLIC Contributor.

Party with a Purpose!

A NIGHT OF HOPE Wine Tasting to benefit the Queens American Cancer Society
(ACS) happened last week, on June 17, 2010 at The CityView Racquet Club
Penthouse, on an unassuming block on 32nd Place (between Skillman Ave. &
Queens Blvd.) right here in Long Island City. It was a HUGE success. Huge.

The 2nd time around proved that this is an event that is great for Queens
and can grow to be bigger each year! 205 guests attended, drank red and
white wine, ate deliciousness from FreshDirect, bought raffle tickets and
raised about $29,000.  This is a 101% increase over last year's
event and there is so much room to grow! I know I had fun.

Go to Full OurLIC Article, Video and Photos for Party with a Purpose!

Professor Dabby graced LIC with his presence at The Creek and The Cave

Last night Professor Dabby graced LIC with his presence at The Creek and The Cave. A local celebrity on Queens TV, Time Warner Cable channel 35, Dabby came by, talked with owner Rebecca Trent, posed for the paparazzi and laughed at the comedy show, Savage Animal. Savage Animal is a free comedy/variety show written and hosted by Pete Isip, Anthony DeVito and Greg Stone; the show features New York's best and brightest comics, improvisers and various other performers from all walks of life. Unlike most stand up or improv shows the audience is the main ingredient; often audience members will find themselves deeply involved in the act itself, at the very least always walking away with fistfuls of free gifts and stomachs full of won alcohol. Each show is based on a suggestion given from the previous show. So, if you write an idea for the next show there's a chance you can see it come to life.

Here are a few videos on YouTube, catch a laugh! (COMING)

Mutts Happening!

You may have heard of the Blue Dog, but what about a pink poodle or a blue mohawked mutt?

My fearless canine companion Molly (a Maltipoo), her mom, and I, checked out the Dognique Spring Dog Festival this weekend. A new trend we are noticing in doggie outings- hair dye.

For the more eccentric pet owners, dog hair dye has become a hot trend in pet grooming that continues to grow in popularity. People really dye their dog's hair. Crazy colors too - pink, blue, orange, purple, whatever.

"Whatever the trends are with humans, they are crossing over to pets," says Tierra Griffiths, APPMA spokeswoman. Pet owners are taking their beloved dogs to grooming parlors where they are not just given a shampoo and cut -- but a full-on, multi-colored fur job. If you are going down this route, you made need the help of the Trimline Collar. Watch the video featuring an experienced groomer in action: Dyeing your dog's hair is a trendy new way to get your pet noticed! Be creative any day or touch up small spots on brown or black coats. But, you have to remember that you can't use people hair dye on your dog. Dogs are not build the same way people are. I mean, they can't even use our shampoo, so there's no reason to you human hair dye on them. However, if you choose to dye your dog's hair, use cool- aid, food coloring, diluted with water (it's easily washed off and does not irritate the skin), or find a pet- safe hair dye and get creative! Plus, fun free tip of the week! Bring in a reusable tumbler and Starbucks will reward you with a free cup of coffee on April 15, 2010. Learn more here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=111589005530253

Introduction to Ear to the Ground

Welcome to Ear to the Ground, your one stop spot to stay in the loop and find out what's happening!

Everyone knows that keeping your "ear to the ground" means paying attention to what is happening around you; getting an early sign that something is coming, pay attention to rumors.

To us "ear to the ground" items are things that are not in a calendar yet, and stories that are still too early to write articles about. Even a well confirmed rumor will qualify.

As an avid ear hustler by day... and by night, Dana Humphrey, owner of Whitegate PR will keep you in the know of all that's up-and-coming and worth hearing about.

From business to culture to people and events, we've got you covered! So be sure to check back frequently.

For questions, comments, and feedback please use our Optin Form or send an email about Ear to the Ground to Dana Humphrey; Contributor or Arthur at OurLIC.com.



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