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Increase your Customers. Increase your Sales. Get Connected through OurLIC!

Profile your store, specialty shop, restaurant, or other business in our comprehensive GUIDE to Queens West and Long Island City

6 Steps for a Merchant or Business to benefit from OurLIC...Sign-up Today.    Learn about the Benefits =>Here's Why You Should Join OurLIC.com

Step 1

Start a GUIDE Account

The first step is to set up a GUIDE Account for your business. On our GUIDE pages, you will see a link OurLIC Guide Signup in the navigation menu on the left.

Getting started requires just basic information.

Please review program Rates for Good, Better, and Best Profiles and the Coupon Program. Also, see our SPECIAL PROGRAM FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS AND DEVELOPERS.

Step 2

Set-up a Profile

Once you have signed up, you have access to a Profile form that you can use to create or edit your business profile at any time.

We've made it very simple for you to create a fabulous profile just like the Riverview Restaurant Profile we have used as an example. Each type of business and service has its own categories and content structure to meet your needs.

On our GUIDE pages, you will see a link OurLIC Guide Admin in the navigation menu on the left.

Review program Rates for Good, Better, and Best Profiles and Coupon Program.

Step 3

You have complete control.

Enter or Edit GUIDE Profile content anytime.

The GUIDE Profile system permits you to present a very comprehensive and detailed view of your business, along with photos, a logo, and other features.

SPECIAL FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS AND DEVELOPERS: If you have residential, commercial, or industrial property for sale, rent, or lease, you can arrange to profile EACH listing as part of our GUIDE service, and also our OpenMLX.com service.

Our system permits you to have Multiple Profiles and Listings, so EACH Property can be displayed with its own photographs, tours, and descriptions.

Step 4

Upload Coupons and Special Offers

Once you have a Profile, you can submit Coupons and Special Offers that appear with your Guide Profile, and also appear on our Discount Coupon pages as well as Senior Pages.

As a GUIDE participant, you can also qualify to participate in OurLIC's Print and Mail Marketing and Promotion programs.

Step 5

Optional: Create an OurLIC NETWORKING Profile

As a leader in the community, we would also like you to consider participating in the OurLIC NETWORKING section of the service. There are special possibilities for you to create and moderate Groups and Forums, Blogs, submit Classified Ads, Submit to the Community Calendar of Events, and more.
Step 6


  • Submit Calendar Events to promote your business. Example
  • Create your own Blog. Example
  • Submit Articles and News.
  • Moderate a Forum or Group.
  • Participate in Forums.
  • Create Links to your GUIDE and your Website.
  • Upload Photos and Videos.
  • Use Instant Messaging and Chat, including Video Chat.




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