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Long Island City News

Breaking Ground at Year End 2009. $222 Million in NYC Budget + $92 Million for Hunters Point South Housing Subsidies

Rendering: Arial View of Hunters Point South from the East River


Long Island City, NY March, 25, 2009 - While addressing a gathering of business and community leaders, gathered at a meeting of Long Island City Business Development Corporation, Seth Pinsky, President, New York City Economic Development Corporation, discussed a NYC plan to implement a three part "WORK" strategy to stimulate the economy.


  • Making Government WORK more efficiently and effectively
  • Creating WORK Opportunities for New Yorkers
  • Investment in Public WORKS infrastructure
Pinsky also announced that NYC was about to close on the Hunters Point South project and had $220 million in the capital budget plus $92 million in housing subsidies. The City recently purchased the property from The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Expecting development to take 10 years, it intends to break ground at the end of 2009. Additional projects presented included Gotham Center, Queens Plaza, Jackson Avenue, and Willet's Point

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Jimmy Van Bramer, Candidate for City Council, 26th District, Discusses his Commitments on Earth Day

Jimmy Van Bramer


Long Island City, NY April 16, 2009 - Jimmy Van Bramer, candidate for City Council, 26th District, met with a group of about 100 people at The Creek Restaurant on Earth Day to discuss his views and commitments to issues relating to the environment, mass transit, parks, greenways, re-use and re-cycling, and marriage quality. As a member of the Community Board, he supported Bike Lanes as part of his belief in livable sustainable neighborhoods that are friendly to bike lanes.


Jimmy Van Bramer is Chief External Affairs Officer at the Queens Borough Public Library.

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United Auto Workers Endorse Jimmy Van Bramer for City Council

Hunters Point Community Partners Announces New Mission for 'Smart Progress'


Long Island City, NY April 29, 2009 - The Leadership Team of Hunters Point Community Partners, a non-profit organization, announced its new Mission Statement and Plan during a meeting at The Foundry attended by over 40 community business leaders, banks, organizations, and two Candidates for City Council.


Dr. Angelo Ippolito, President of the organization and owner of Art of Health; Allison Du Val, The Foundry; and Paul Salas, Bigcitygraph-x announced that the Mission of HPCP would shift to meet the growing needs of a rapidly developing community.

During a presentation on "Smart Progress" by Arthur Rosenfield, OurLIC.com, HPCP defined its new Mission:

"To act as a Voice, a Catalyst, and a Conduit so that the Hunters Point community of business people and residents have an effective relationship with government agencies, institutions, and developers that are planning for the future of Long Island City."

The Leadership Team also announced that it would be offering a new internet platform to provide enhanced Member communication and promotion based on the technology and formats made possible through an agreement with OurLIC.com. Its new website will be developing at HuntersPointCommunityPartners.org, providing Members with community networking tools that support "consociation", as well as a directory of its members.

HPCP Leadership Team. Left to Right: Dr. Angelo Ippolito, Art of Health; Allison Du Val, The Foundry; and Paul Salas, Bigcitygraph-x

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Photographer Tony Vaccaro Filming PBS Special on D-Day, June 6, 1944

Artist - Tony Vaccaro
Title - The kiss of liberation
Medium - Gelatin Silver Print
Size - 23.8 x 17.6 in. / 60.5 x 44.8 cm.
Year - 1945
Misc. - Signed, Inscribed


Long Island City, NY May 1, 2009 - Favorite son of Hunters Point, and world famous photograph, Tony Vaccaro left for Europe with a PBS Production crew.


PBS is filming a TV Special to mark the 65th Anniversary of D-Day and the beginning of the end of World War II. Vaccaro will be landing on Omaha Beach to re-enact the US and Allied Troops liberation of France in 1944; and, ultimately the end of WWII

Omaha Beach is the code name for one of the main landing points of the Allied invasion of German-occupied France in the Normandy landings on June 6 1944, during World War II. Vaccaro is author of a book and photo journal Entering Germany: 1944-1949 (Hardcover)

The PBS Special will air in November

Tony Vaccaro (b. December 20, 1922), is an American photographer who is best known for his photos taken in Europe during 1944 and 1945 and in Germany immediately after World War II. After the war, he became a renowned fashion and lifestyle photographer for U.S. magazines.

Above Photographs of Tony Vaccaro taken in April 2009 are Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved by Arthur Rosenfield. 2009

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May 28 thru July 31, 2009: TRANS-POSITIONS along the Queensboro Bridge: Contemporary art production bridging the boroughs


Long Island City, NY May 14, 2009 - TRANS-POSITIONS Along the Queensboro Bridge presents a wide range of contemporary and traditional artwork, including video. Concerned with the notion of spanning, the work explores the place of the artist as well as where art is made. Conjuring a wide range of seeing and knowing, the exhibition features many artists new to exhibiting in the immediate area. In addition to the artwork, the exhibition has prompted new partnerships within the business community.

Judith Tolnick Champa is an Independent Curator with considerable expertise in modern and contemporary art curating, including working in public and private academic settings. She is a member of ArtTable, the leadership organization for professional women in the visual arts and IKT, the international association of contemporary art curators.

Long Island City Artists, Inc. has a 23 year history as a high-visibility organization of professional visual artists working in the Long Island City area, actively creating and promoting public art events and projects for the cultural enrichment of the Queens community. The Centennial anniversary of the Queensboro Bridge is a major event focus this spring for The Queens Council on the Arts, whose mission is to foster the arts in the County.

"The city seen from the Queensboro Bridge is always the city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world....'Anything can happen now that we've slid over this bridge,' I thought; 'anything at all...'"
From THE GREAT GATSBY by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Copyright (C) 1925 by Charles Scribner's Sons. Reprinted by permission of Scribner, an Imprint of Simon &Schuster, Inc, NY.

Above art by Kristina Nazarevskaia - KNSTUDIOS, Karen Fitzgerald Art, and Sculptor Lilian Engel

For more information, please contact Karen Fitzgerald, 646.369.7184 or kbfitzgerald@gmail.com. Please also visit www.LICArtists.org

Opening Reception the evening of May 30, 6 P.M. - 8 p.m. at these venues:

Clocktower Building, 29-27 Queens Plaza North, ground floor
Holiday Inn; 39-05 29th St., 718.77.3700
Packard Square Lobby, 41-34 Crescent Street, LIC, 718.707.9449
Space Realty Group; 29-09 39th Avenue, LIC 718.606.2947
Press Reception the evening of May 28, 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. at
Henry DeFord III Gallery at Citi, Jackson Avenue and 44th Drive
Viewing hours: Monday - Friday, 9a.m. - 5p.m. at all five venues

Details of event

More Details of event

Open Studios: May 30-31, 1:00PM - 6:00 PM Over 150 artists at multiple studio complexes open their studios to the public in conjunction with Borough-wide Centennial Celebrations.

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View examples of artist's work.

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Food Cellar & Co. Home Delivery and Take out.
FoodCellar & Co. Market

Foodcellar & Co. is an experience in what shopping for dinner should be. Walking into the colorful array of the freshest fruits and vegetables, then to the fish display, pink salmon, beautiful white sea bass, plum scallops and shrimp....healthy and delicious! Next to the meats. Well marbled steaks, thick veal and pork chops, or maybe the in-store made sausages. The bakery is a delight for the eyes, the taste buds, and the soul. Crusty breads, rolls, and luscious cakes and cookies. Finally, the deli and prepared food. No work....just delicious dinner in an instant.

Look for all natural and organic food. Also Home Delivery and Take out.

Food cellar announced that starting December 12, 2008, Seniors 60 and over will receive a 15% discount 7 days a week.

Foodcellar Online Ordering and CATERING

Tour FoodCellar & Co. Market at OurLIC Showcase

People at FoodCellar & Co. Market

Food Gallery at FoodCellar & Co. Market

CityEntree Profile: FoodCellar & Co. Market

Website: FoodCellar & Co.


Cassino Restaurant & Lounge
Cassino Restaurant & Lounge

A Taste of Little Italy on Vernon Boulevard!

It's a taste of Little Italy on Vernon Boulevard in Long Island City.

Family owned and operated, Cassino Restaurant and Lounge has been part of the community for almost 50 years. Their customers are like family. Enjoy their homemade delicious food and great drinks in their "at home" atmosphere.

The Chef at Cassino is talented. Their food is prepared in an old fashioned Italian Style, with only the finest and freshest ingredients. Their portions are extremely generous. Bring your appetite and indulge in some spectacular Italian food.

Hidden behind the front bar and lounge, is a more formal dining room with table cloths and a large outdoor patio for warm weather dining.

Menu Items Gallery for Cassino Restaurant & Lounge.

Inside Cassino Restaurant & Lounge.

Website: Cassino Restaurant & Lounge


Dominie's Hoek (Hook)
Dominie's Hoek (Hook)

Don't miss this Turkey Burger!! Or the fabulous Vegetable Burrito at Dominie's Hoek.

This comfortable, 'in' spot is just off the #7 subway stop at Vernon Blvd. The staff was extremely friendly. The food is really excellent.

Dominie's Hoek Bar and restaurant in LIC, Queens, NY. is home to the wittiest conversation, most attractive clientele, coolest music, most charming bartenders, a 365 backyard patio, and the best chicken sandwich in the neighborhood. Also, turn votes into appropriate authorities: we're vying for best burger this year, too!

Menu Items Gallery for Dominie's Hoek.

Inside Dominie's Hoek.

Website: Dominie's Hoek


Riverview Restaurant & Lounge Home Delivery and Take out.
Tennisport Restaurant & Clubhouse

Hidden along the East River, just opposite the United Nations, is the Tennisport Restaurant. It is a perfect location for Corporate Events, Parties, Weddings, and all other occasions.

Tennisport Restaurant offers a truly breathtaking view of Manhattan that is unmatched by other restaurants. Whether you wish to relax in the warmth of our stone fireplace, dine in our European dining room or lounge outdoors on our patio, the lights of the city and our attentive service will enhance your experience. All of this is only minutes from midtown Manhattan by car or subway.

Menu Items Gallery of Tennisport Restaurant & Clubhouse at OurLIC Showcase.

Private Room Photo Gallery of Tennisport Restaurant & Clubhouse at OurLIC Showcase.

Showcase Tour of Tennisport Restaurant & Clubhouse at OurLIC Showcase.

CityEntree Profile: Tennisport Restaurant & Clubhouse

Website: Tennisport


Riverview Restaurant & Lounge Home Delivery and Take out.
Riverview Restaurant & Lounge

Located directly on the shore of the East River at the Avalon in Long Island City, Riverview Restaurant commands the most spectacular views of New York City's skyline. Directly facing the United Nation with Citicorp Center, Trumps International Hotel and the Queensboro Bridge to the north and the Chrysler and Empire State Building to the south, Riverview is unmistakably, " A Room with a View". Riverview Restaurant & Lounge is the perfect romantic getaway.

REVIEW: "As a new resident, who recently moved from Manhattan to one of the LIC water-side buildings, I was pleased to see an upscale restaurant just down my street. Little did I know then how fortunate I was to live so close to, what has now become, one of the finest restaurants in Queens. Not sure what I enjoy most: the wonderful food, the ambiance, the majestic view of Manhattan, the friendly people, the good music or just the fun experience of it all. Also offering Home Delivery and Take out with Online ordering."

Tour Riverview Restaurant & Lounge at OurLIC Showcase.

CityEntree Profile: Riverview Restaurant & Lounge

Website: Riverview Restaurant & Lounge

Wines & Spirits

Hunter's Point Wines and Spirits
Hunter's Point Wines and Spirits

Hunter's Point Wines and Spirits

Hunter's Point Wines is a large wine and spirits (liquor) store that focusses on specialized wines and small production spirits selected by Paul Huston, a thirty year veteran of the adult beverage industry.

Paul is passionate about his selection and will help you buy just the right wine. He specializes in small-production, estate-grown, organically-farmed regional wines from all over the world.

Wedding and special event consultation is available. Free local deliver is offered

Free Wine Tastings are held on Thursday and Friday from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM in the room shown below. Come learn about wines and meet your friends and neighbors.
Hunters Point Wines and Spirits

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Vernon Blvd Pharmacy
Vernon Blvd Pharmacy

Vernon Blvd Pharmacy always strives to go the "extra mile" when providing service to its customers.

For over 20 years, Vernon Blvd Pharmacy has been dedicated to serving the Long Island City community. Owned and operated by registered Pharmacist, Joshua Schipper, Vernon Blvd Pharmacy and its staff are committed to maintaining excellence in customer service while attending to the healthcare needs of its customers. It prides itself on the personal service it provides and are excited to continue to serve the ever-growing and diverse Long Island City community. FREE DELIVERY IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE FOR BOTH OVER THE COUNTER AND PRESCRIPTION ITEMS.

Owner and Supervising Pharmacist, Joshua Schipper, has been in retail pharmacy for over 25 years. As the only independent pharmacy in Long Island City, he is vetted in providing personalized care to his customers and strives to deliver top notch healthcare to all of his patients.

Vernon Blvd Pharmacy Vernon Blvd Pharmacy Vernon Blvd Pharmacy Vernon Blvd Pharmacy

OurLIC Profile: Vernon Blvd Pharmacy

Vernon Blvd Pharmacy - People

Vernon Blvd Pharmacy - Interior



Duane Reade
Duane Reade

Duane Reade opens a new store at 47th Street in Queens West next to the new Foodcellar & Co. Market. It features Duane Reade's Skin Wellness Center

Duane Reade Skin Wellness Duane Reade Skin Wellness Duane Reade Skin Wellness Duane Reade Skin Wellness

Business Services

Bigcitygraph-x & Printing
Bigcitygraph-x & Printing

Bigcitygraph-x & Printing

BigCityGraph-x & Printing is 13,000 sq ft facility located in L.I.C 10 minutes form Manhattan.

Bigcitygraph-x & Printing was founded in 1995 to meet the requirements of the ever-changing printing business. In today and tomorrows marketplace is the need for jobs to be done on demand. We have taken that knowledge and implemented a company philosophy that guarantees our client's satisfaction.

Printing Services
Business Cards
Fine Printing
Letterhead & Envelope
Media Kits
Silk screening
Van Wraps

Bigcitygraph-x & Printing Bigcitygraph-x & Printing Bigcitygraph-x & Printing Bigcitygraph-x & Printing

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Special Event Venue

The Foundry- Special Event Venue
The Foundry - Special Event Venue

The Foundry - Special Event Venue

The Foundry is a 19th Century building that housed The Albra Metal Foundry (their logo is still visible on the corner of the building at 9th Street and 43rd Avenue). By 1906, it was one of several steel foundries in the Long Island City area that catered to the needs of New York City's riverfront manufacturers. By the 1970's The Foundry was essentially an abandoned space, housing defunct vehicles and a mountain of debris. In 1980, the Du Val family purchased the property. They restored and renovated the space to reflect its original industrial character, and began hosting events in 2001. It is the only foundry in the area still standing today.

As a 19th Century Foundry, The Foundary is meticulously restored to retain its industrial character. Stunning proportions, adaptable to many uses, and available to rent for:

Film and Video Shoots
Special Events & Parties

The Foundry is directly across from Manhatta by the East River and next to the 59th Street Bridge.

The Foundry The Foundry The Foundry The Foundry

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Real Estate and Apartments

Penthouse Apartments with New York City View
Penthouse Apartments with New York City View

Penthouse Apartments with New York City View

Full Description: 2BR/2BA/Den/Balcony Penthouse, NWE views, gracious entry foyer. Wall of glass outlines the living and dining room. Master bedroom features double exposure. Lots of closets including a WIC. Full Service Luxury Building Full Service Luxury Building: *24/7 Concierge *Staffed Fitness Center *2 Outdoor Tennis courts *2 Landscaped Decks *Parking Available *4 Minute Commute to Midtown via 7 Train *Pet Friendly $675,000 MT $2,298.05 (60% tax deductible) Call (917) 861-5503

Home Features: Air Conditioning, Balcony, Cable/Satellite TV, Dishwasher, Disposal, Hardwood Floors, Microwave, Parking Available, Pet Friendly Building, Staffed Fitness Center, Views, Waterfront.
Community Features: Controlled Access, Fitness Center, Public Transportation, Tennis Courts

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OpenMLX Showcase: Penthouse Apartments with New York City View

Modern Spaces
Modern Spaces

Modern Spaces

Modern Spaces' involvement with Long Island City's development has helped shape the evolution of the town through community patronage and charitable participation. From its inception, Modern Spaces brought in local artists to design their storefront, contributing to the beauty of the area's thriving art scene as well as providing the artists with a place to display their work and create exposure to the rest of the community. Modern Spaces was founded on the belief that community will be the lifeline of our business and giving back to that community is the responsibility of the business owners within.

Eric Benaim - Modern Spaces  - Modern Spaces  - Modern Spaces  - Modern Spaces

Go to OurLIC Featured Profile

Modern Spaces Website

Business Opportunities

Mr. Steam

Learn how to become a Mr. Steam Dealer.

Mr.Steam provides the finest quality steambath generators, and towel warmers for residential and commercial use. Mr.Steam's innovative products enable people worldwide to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and spa experience.

Mr. Steam/Sauna warmers for Homes, Hotels, Resorts, Spas/Clubs. The first choice of informed architects, builders, remodelers and consumers worldwide. Technologically advanced, innovative products that consistently set industry standards for over 60 years.

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Professional & Social Networking

Highlight Profile of the Week

Gustavo Rodriguez - Musician/Music & Event Organizer

Booker and music event co-ordinator for various venues in Long Island City, most prominently The LIC Bar on Vernon Blvd & 46th ave. Also an accomplished musician & filmmaker.

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Pizza Pizza Pizza!!

Food Cellar & Co. Pizza Home Delivery and Take out.
FoodCellar & Co. Pizza

Foodcellar & Co. Market has a "wood stone" oven that bakes a delicious pizza. The crust is just right. They use the fresh, natural cheese and other ingredients and herbs that makes for a very flavorful pizza. Home Delivery and Take out.

Address: 4-85 47th Road

Long Island City New York
Long Island City, Queens West
Telephone: 718-606-9786

Tour FoodCellar & Co. Pizza at OurLIC Showcase

CityEntree Profile: FoodCellar & Co. Pizza

Website: FoodCellar & Co.

Party Catering
GIANT Deli Sandwiches

FoodCellar & Co. Catering
FoodCellar & Co. Catering
FoodCellar & Co. Catering

They are new in the neighborhood, and they have a lot to offer.

Foodcellar & Co. Market has GIANT Deli Sandwiches. They are perfect for holiday parties at home or at your office! You can't beat this. Gather your friends or employees around one of these sandwiches. Home Delivery and Take out.

These sandwiches come with other ingredients to make your party a hit.

Address: 4-85 47th Road

Long Island City New York
Long Island City, Queens West
Telephone: 718-606-9786

Tour FoodCellar & Co. Market at OurLIC Showcase

CityEntree Profile: FoodCellar & Co. Pizza

Website: FoodCellar & Co.

OurLIC Gallery for Artists, Photographers, and Designers

FoodCellar & Co. Catering
OurLIC.com Gallery

Space for Artists, Photographers, and Designers to display their work

A sampling of Arthur's photos.

A sampling of Karen Fitzgerald's art.

A sampling of Kristina Nazarevskaia's art.



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