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Jobs for the 21st Century. The New York State Tri-Level Joint Legislative Task Force holds Hearing in Queens.

Joint Legislative Hearing for Queens. 4/23/2010

This hearing was made possible by The Office of Economic Development, Office of the Queens Borough President, Helen Marshall [ ]

New York State Senator President Pro Tempore Malcom A. Smith


Queens Borough President, Helen Marshall


Melva Miller, Director of Economic Development, Office of the Queens Borough President


NY State Assemblywomman Audrey I. Pheffer TITLE3

Testimony is presented in 51 segments below.

The New York State Tri-Level Joint Legislative Task Force is charged with bringing the three layers of government together in a coordinated effort to help create jobs in the 21st Century. 4/23/2010

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

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Part 16

Part 17

Part 18

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Part 22

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Part 32

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Kew Gardens, New York April 23, 2010 - The New York State Tri-Level Joint Legislative Task Force is charged with the bringing the three layers of government together in a combined effort to help create jobs in the 21st Century. Hon. New York State Senator President Pro Tempore Malcom A. Smith announced the re-convening of the task force and held a hearing April 23, 2010 at Queens Borough Hall hosted by the Office of the President Borough of Queens, Helen Marshall. Melva Miller, Director of Economic Development of that Office organized the hearing.

The Queens Co-Chairpeople are:

  • US Senator Kristine Gillibrand
  • Queens Borough President Helen Marshall
  • NY State Senator Shirley L. Huntley
  • Assemblyman Michael Miller
  • Assemblyman David Weprin
  • Assemblywoman Audry I, Pheffer
  • Assemblyman Michael G. DanDecker
  • Assemblyman Jeffrey Aubry
  • New York City Councilmember Julissa Ferreras
  • New York City Councilmember Leroy G. Comrie
  • Note: List in formation

Testimony was given for three hours by over 40 companies, organizations, institutions, religious organizations, and consultants. Among those offereing testimony were:

  • Jet Blue
  • Queens Chamber of Commerce
  • Queens Library, Executive Director Thomas Galante
  • Greater Jamaica Development Corporation
  • Queens Workforce Development Taskforce, created by Office of Queens President
  • Queens Economic Development Corporation
  • Rockaway Development and Revitalization Corporation, Executive Director Kevin Alexander
  • Child Care (Rockaways)
  • Design Distributors
  • Virtual Enterprises
  • COuncil for Airport Opportunity, Executive Director Verdia Noel
  • Service Now for Adult Persons (SNAP)
  • J&B Nursing Service
  • Dress for Successs Worldwide, Executive Vice President Danalerie Johnson
  • Note: List in formation

Full video coverage of "Jobs for the 21st Century", Joint Legislative Hearing for Queens, The New York State Tri-Level Joint Legislative Task Force. 4/23/2010 and follow-up Q&A are available in the left column in 50 segments of testimony in approximately three to five minutes each.


  • On a positive note, the labor pool in Queens was proudly promoted as having a diverse cultural background that has positive benefits such as the fact that 150 lanhuages are spoke in the Borough.
  • Several people testified about a systemic problem relating to entry level jobs where the candidates are simply not prepared for the interviewing process.
  • Queens Public Library presented itself as both a large employer as well as a training center through its workforce Training Programs. As a large employer, it is threatened with massive budget cuts from New York City which can cause the Library to severly cut its services. Thomas Galante pointed out that this not only hurts its employees, but reduces the Library's ability to train people for careers in other companies.
  • A printing association, as well as others identified specific Bills that create hurdles to being an effective competitor if a company is based in New York.
  • The task force is focusing on three area:
    1. The jobs that exist, and employers are trying to fill.
    2. Jobs that an industry expects to need to fill in the future.
    3. How to prepare people for jobs now or for jobs in the future. What type of training program should legislators be supporting.
  • Worker preparation to meet the challenges. Readiness to apply for jobs is an issue repeated over and over again.
  • 30% of the people in Far RockawaY are on income subsidies.
  • JetBlue has 250 positions open right now in NYC area. Over 4,500 people are employed. Over 35,000 total. JetBlue receives 125,000 applications. The screening process is difficult. The biggest problem is the younger generation. Young men and women coming out of high school looking for opportunities, are not prepared.
  • The Queen Chanber of Commerce represent 1,500 businesses and business organization that employ over 500,000 employees. Queens is in a critical position retaining businesses. Why? New York City and New York State have created an enviroment that is not friendly to business. Over-taxed. Over-regulated. Well intentioned bill. Illogical Zonings and onerous fee, obligatons and fines. This discourages businesses from hiring. Need to expand Industrial Business Zones with tax credits and incentives. Queens is not getting its share of the benefit of Mayor Bloombergs incubator programs.
  • There was little mention of the debt crisis and the impact it has had on employment.

Full Video coverage is available in the left column.

Job creation, and investment in the future, both Citywide and at the local level.




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