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Monday January 18, 2010

Happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to all.

New Decade Challenges Us: Innovation, Priorities, and Planning


Innovate....The time is right to GROW!

LIC is welcoming a NEW DECADE. Imagine that everything is possible, and that this can be a decade of successful innovation and prosperity.

It is a complex time that presents us with exciting opportunities for growth because LIC is still at an early stage of a future filled with extraordinary economic vitality and cultural diversity.

It isn't just that there is new infrastructure being built. Or, that there are new offices, hotels, retail locations, and apartments popping up wherever you look.

Every sector of our economy and community challenges us. We all need to set priorities and plan to meet new demands in order to respond better to our customers, markets, and international competition. Our Federal, State, and Municipal Governments and their agencies must also manage budgets better, control costs, and be innovative in the use of resources.

Every neighborhood and every business is looking for leadership that is responsive to fundamental shifts.

It is a time for INNOVATION, COOPERATION, and PLANNING to achieve Growth and Profit in 2010...and for the coming years.

We'll try to help by advocating and facilitating a strategic approach to community and business development, and by continuing to provide open, positive communication on the OurLIC community platform.

We will also try to highlight information on the economy which we feel can help assist businesses, organizations, and agencies with planning...and to anticipate change.

Please write us. Tell us what you, your company, or your organization is doing to 'innovate'.

OurLIC wishes all a prosperous new decade...and a special Thank You to our sponsors and customers who have supported our vision for the OurLIC community platform.

Arthur Rosenfield
Founder OurLIC

For questions, comments, and feedback please use our Optin Form or send an email about Innovation 2010 to Arthur@CityEntree.com

Annual Community Innovation and Development Awards.

Ground Breaking Inauguration of Jimmy Van Bramer


Jimmy Van Bramer was Inaugurated as the representative of the Twenty-Sixth District of the New York City Council in a ceremony at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School in Astoria on January 9, 2010

Joe Conley, Chair of Community Board 2, was Master of Ceremonies. The Oath of Office was administered by The Honorable Paul G. Feinman, Justice, Supreme Court of the State of New York.

OurLIC presents full video and photo coverage of this ground breaking event. Go to Video and Photo Coverage.

Seth Pinsky, NYCEDC, Outlines Agenda at Queens Economic Development Leadership Council

Seth Pinsky, NYCEDC, Outlines Agenda at Queens Economic Development Leadership Council

Seth Pinsky, President of the New York City Economic Development Corporation, addressed the Queens Economic Development Leadership Council and discussed "Choices that Transform". This included both Physical Transformation and Economic Transformation. Central to the EDC planning is that "Quality of Life is Essential to Economic Development".

Included in Transforming the NYC's Economy are programs under three themes.

  1. Help legacy industries transform into new business models.
  2. Identify and attract new industries.
  3. Increase entrepreneurship.
    • Access to capital
    • Access to space
    • Access to training

Helen B. Marshall, Queens Borough President, Queens Economic Development Leadership Council  1/14/2010

At the start of the Queens Economic Development Leadership Council, Helen B. Marshall, Queens Borough President, appealed to the members of the Council to increase their support of the Census, pointing out that 2010 Census counts will impact many levels of government spending as well as allocation of congressional representation.

Melva Miller  1/14/2010

Melva Miller, Director, Economic Development, Office of the President, Borough of Queens, organized and Chaired the meeting.

Seth Pinsky Video Coverage

Internet Sets Pace for Grrowth: Outperforms Economy in 2009


We noticed a Dow Jones report that DJ Internet companies have been outpacing the performance of the broader Dow Jones Industrial Average (see chart above) by 30 percent. This seems significant in view of other reports.

The tech sector got some upbeat news as Forrester Research projected a rebound in tech spending by businesses and governments worldwide.

"After declining 8.2% in 2009, U.S. IT spending will grow 6.6 % in 2010 to $568 billion," the report said. "Global IT spending, which dropped 8.9% last year, will rise 8.1% in 2010 to more than $1.6 trillion. Software and computer hardware will see the greatest growth."

The positive view is shared by Seagate Technology Chief Executive Officer Steve Luczo in a news item published by Bloomberg

For those companies planning to purchase technology, we encourage you to follow the idea put forward by the LICBDC: "Think Global. Buy Local".

NYC Economic Snapshot


A Summary of New York City's Economy has been made available by New York City Economic Development Corporation. Highlights incude:

  • Queens unemployment rate for the 12 months ending October 2009 was 7.8 percent, up from 4.6 percent for the same period ending October 2008.
  • Private employment fell by 13,000 in October, after a loss of 20,500 jobs in September.
  • The unemployment rate remained at 10.3 percent between October and September.
  • The Manhattan hotel occupancy rate in October 2009 was 89.7 percent, up from 86.0 percent in October 2008.
  • The Manhattan Class A office vacancy rate was 8.6 percent in November 2009, while the average asking rent was $67 PSF.
  • Passengers in NYC area Airports totaled 8.2 million in September 2009 up 1.4 percent from September 2008.
  • More Highlights and Report

The report paints a picture of "Discouraged Workers". The monthly average of discouraged workers in NYC is 37,708, representing the highest level on record for the past 10 years.

Broadway ticket sales and revenue represent bright spots, up 9.8 and 18.8 percent respectively over prior year period in November.

Economic Snapshot December 2009 [ pdf ]

SCORE Opens Office in Flushing


Man-Li Kuo Lin, Business Development Specialist for The Small Business Administration, and F&T announced that SCORE has opened a branch at the Queens Crossing Business Center. SCORE offers counseling to business from experienced retired executives and entrepreneurs.

The Flushing based office will primarily assist Chinese and Korean businesses. Support and resources for this SCORE branch location will come from the SBA as well as F&T Group, having a Global Vision for Local Development.

SCORE opens branch in Queens

Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce Highlights


The Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce met on January 12th.

The Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce meets on the second Tuesday of each month at Dazies Restaurant on Queens Blvd. Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer addressed the group and officially answered his first questions as a Councilmember.

Seargent Everoski of the NYPD announced "Operation Watch-Out". He explianed that surveillance cameras are a constructive tool to any crime investigation and follow-up. The Police Department notes that there are many such cameras in Queens North, and would like to facilitate access to these cameras. Patrol Borough Queens North isestablishing a database of these surveillance systems and is requesting the help of Business Improvement Districts to distribute and help collect the fact sheets. A business owner could also contact Borough Crime Prevention Police Office Gumpel at fax 718-520-1734.

Story with Video and Photos

Photo of meeting

OurLIC Business MARKETPLACE Profile of Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce

Navillus to give lift to Jackson-Vernon Triangle with Full Service Restaurant, Cafe, and Lounge

Restaurant at Jackson-Vernon Triangle

Restaurant at Jackson-Vernon Triangle

Long Island City, January 14, 2010 - Time Square Construction & Development, Navillus (HQ in LIC), and architectural firm Studio V Architecture PLLC presented a new restaurant to be located at the Jackson-Vernon Triangle. Architect Jay Valgora, along with Time Square Construction and Development President made their presentation at a Community Board #2 public hearing regarding their application for a liquor license. The applicants fielded questions from the public and from Commununity Board #2 Members.

Restaurant Presentation [ pdf ]

Video Coverage of Community Board 2 Public Hearing

Breadbox Cafe Opens



Breadbox Cafe has opened at 47-11 11th Street in LIC. The innovations at Breadbox are worth mentioning.

The freestanding building that houses Breadbox Cafe dates back to the 1950's when an ESSO mechanics garage opened for business (Postcard from 1950 shown above.). Breadbox Cafe's structure is completely original in accordance with the founders' hopes to preserve the best traditions of the past and respect the history of the neighborhood. The innovative facade - featuring 1600 rolling pins - adds aesthetic flare to the block while reflecting the handmade freshness that is Breadbox's signature.

When we asked Chef Lizet Gediciyan what she thought the innovation was at Breadbox Cafe, she told us "We are preparing food that brings the principles of the mediterranean diet into our eating. We don't take short cuts. There is no freezing. Everything, day-to-day, is fresh." OurLIC Interview with Chef Lizet Gediciyan.

Breadbox Cafe only sells FRESH foods. Their bagels are baked on-premise. Their dough is made from scratch by their cooks every morning. They cook with real eggs and grind their own meat, source ingredients from specialty purveyors, and always favor natural, sustainable, organic, and local produce of the highest quality. They adapt their menus to seasonal availability.

OurLIC Featured Profile

Breadbox Cafe, Long Island City Breadbox Cafe, Long Island City Breadbox Cafe, Long Island City Breadbox Cafe, Long Island City

Cranky's Opens with a Big Smile

Cranky's with a smile

Cranky's Exterior

You will be guaranteed a smile at Cranky's!

Cranky's has opened, and has turned the corner of Vernon Blvd and 49th into a pleasant, bright shiny new touch of Long Island City. It is a neat, spacious, and comfortable cafe with a friendly congenial atmosphere. You can lounge on the couch at one end of the large room, or gather your friends around a large table at the other. Mina Haddad, the new owner, has created a welcoming and pleasant mixture of Champs Elysees style, a Parisian cafe, and Starbucks. The menu is diverse, serving breakfast and lunch. Menu items are more varied than you would expect if you were used to the former Brazil Coffee House at this location. Cranky's serves salads, panini, sandwiches, danish, pastries, fruit tarts, breakfast of all sorts, and soups served with fresh baguette. You can even find a hot dog on the menu.

Cranky's is a good experience. (Did we mention the WIFI.)

We'll look forward to profiling Cranky's in the OurLIC GUIDE.

Cranky's Cranky's Cranky's Cranky's

Testaccio Ristorante Hits Stride



Testaccio Ristorante, a Roman-style restaurant, is remarkably successful after just 3 months. It has brought great food, a new liveliness, and lots of new customers to Vernon Blvd from a wide region. It has a professional continental style which is also attracting tourists from around the world. The owners, Executive Chef Ivan Beacco, and Executive Manager Stephan are on top of every little detail. It makes a really big difference. Be sure to call for a reservation...718-937-2900.

It's "A-number-one" for ambiance, food, and wine. With a spectacular menu, gracious service, and a warm and friendly atmoshphere ~ Testaccio Ristorante welcomes you.

Being there is a pleasure to the senses.

OurLIC Featured Profile

OurLIC Menu Items Gallery of Testaccio Ristaurante

Tony Vaccaro Exhibitions & NTDTV


The exhibition of Tony Vaccaro's photography has been extended until January 17, 2010. It is at The Buzzeo Building Gallery at 31-16 36th Avenue in Astoria.

Through his lifetime as both a gifted Journalist and a talented Photographer, Tony Vaccaro has skillfully shared his insights about people, war, and the joy of life.

Tony Vaccaro's work reveals the uncommon character of a man whose insights about life spans a career of nearly 70 years. At 87, his passion for people and photography are expressed in a series of videos captured by OurLIC. Videos recorded and presented here by OurLIC were recorded during a news interview by Kathryn Shakespeare and Paulio Shakespeare of NTDTV on January 3, 2010. View the interview with Tony Vacarro: NTD TV's News "Tony Vaccaro: Life Through the Eyes of a Photographer". Sixteen addition segments of interview video, recorded by OurLIC, are presented below.

Tony Vaccaro: A Retrospective

LOYALTIES performed by Unity Stage Company


Loyalties by John Galsworthy, a British drama by the author of The Forsyte Saga, is being performed by the Unity Stage Company at The Parlor at Cassino Restaurant on Thursday through Saturdays during January 2010 at 8:00 PM.

Ticket price is only $15.00, and this is a first class performance.

This is something quite unusual and we would like to see more of it in LIC. Hats off to Sofia Landon Geier, Producing Artistic Director, Unity Stage Company 917-548-1086.


Library on the River at Queens West


OurLIC Contributer: Don Dodelson, President, Friends of Queens Library at Hunters Point / Queens West, Long Island City, writes

"We must be vigilant and insist that this extraordinary Parcel 8 be used for the benefit of us all, both to enhance the quality of our lives, our environment and commercial interests."

"Dear Neighbor,"

"Did you know that a public library is promised to us to be built here on the river in Long Island City"?

"This is what I know about the project:"

  1. "Preliminary plans are for a structure of up to 30,000 square feet built on Parcel 8 which is north of Gantry Plaza State Park and behind Peninsula Park on the East River."
  2. "$14,000,000 seed money is said to have been set aside by our local politicians."
  3. Continued

Letter to LIC Community about the planned Library at Hunters Point / Queens West

Related Articles:
Chartering Ceremony for Friends of Queens Library at Hunters Point /Queens West, Taxi Beach July 13, 2009

A Forum moderated by Don Dodelson, has been created at OurLIC NETWORKING:
FORUM: Friends of Queens Library Hunters Point
Please join and post your points of view, comments, and questions.

Two New Websites for LIC Restaurants


Lounge 47 Vernon Blvd in Hunters Point www.lounge47.com

Lounge 47 begins the new year with a new website that focuses on Vernon Blvd and the people that make Lounge 47 an interesting place. It notes that Lounge 47 is a Reflection of Vernon Blvd:

"Amidst all of the change that is taking place, Lounge 47 has become an important gathering place for both newcomers and long time residents."

Menu Item Gallery
People having fun

Bel Aire Diner and Restaurant 21st Street & Broadway in Astoria www.belairediner.net

Bel Aire Diner & Restaurant on 21st Street and Broadway in Astoria, is known for its food and service. It promotes it's "Best Diner in Queens" award from the DAILY NEWS. That is quite an achievement.

Menu Item Gallery

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