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Our LIC People and their Profile Pages

Highlight Profiles of the Week

Ed Sadowsky

Ed Sadowsky is President of Citylights at Queens Landing, a 521 apartment cooperative in the Queens West Development project. He is also a Trustee of the Queens Library system, the largest circulating library in the United States.

He is presently engaged in the development of plans for a new library and community center on the last vacant site in the Queens West project.

Don Dodelson

"One of the best decisions I have ever made was moving to Long Island City eleven years ago. I have fallen in love with this neighborhood right across from mid-town Manhattan. Some five years ago I learned that a library was proposed herein Gantry State Park across the river from the UN Building. Perfect. Just what this exciting, growing area needed. It would have a heart, a gathering place, perhaps an auditorium, gallery space, an event venue and more. We asked the Queens Library whether we could become a Friends Group to help with the planning and then continue as an adjunct after the library was built. This was setting a precedent to exist before the construction. Our group is actively pursuing that a major library be built here because of the extraordinary uniqueness of the site and the timeliness of being present in this now exploding community. Anyone interested in joining the Friends Group?"

"I practiced dentistry in the West Village for forty years. My involvement with the library is a fascinating adventure."

Dr. Angelo Ippolito

Dr. Ippolito is President of Hunters Point Community Partners. He is preparing to open the Art of Health store on Vernon Blvd. It will offer Nutrition Counseling, Supplements, and Accupuncture.

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Allison Du Val

Allison Du Val is the Director of The Foundry. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Hunters Point Community Partners.

The Foundry is a 19th Century building that housed The Albra Metal Foundry (their logo is still visible on the corner of the building at 9th Street and 43rd Avenue). By 1906, it was one of several steel foundries in the Long Island City area that catered to the needs of New York City's riverfront manufacturers. By the 1970's The Foundry was essentially an abandoned space, housing defunct vehicles and a mountain of debris. In 1980, the Du Val family purchased the property. They restored and renovated the space to reflect its original industrial character, and began hosting events in 2001. It is the only foundry in the area still standing today.

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Paul Salas

Paul Salas is the owner of Bigcitygraph-x. Bigcitygraph-x prints everything. Paul is a member of the Board of Directors of the Hunters Point Community Partners.

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Gustavo Rodriguez - Musician/Music & Event Organizer

Booker and music event co-ordinator for various venues in Long Island City, most prominently The LIC Bar on Vernon Blvd & 46th ave. Also an accomplished musician & filmmaker.

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Nancy Lord

Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, 1992, Admitted to US Supreme Court, Liberty Bell Ringer Award 1993, Who's Who in Law.

Attorney working in Intellectual Property, Regulatory compliance (FDA and FTC), Internet and First Amendment, Contract law, and federal crimes involving medical practice.

Horse back riding, travel, gourmet cooking. Doing my part to protect the freedom of health care practitioners to practice their profession.

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Dan Reinert

Mr. Steam/Sauna warmers for Homes, Hotels, Resorts,Spas/Clubs. The first choice of informed architects, builders, remodelers and consumers worldwide. Technologically advanced, innovative products that consistently set industry standards for over 60 years.

Learn how to become a Mr. Steam Dealer.

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